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Tom Cruise and Cameron Diaz are coming to town

Tom Cruise and Cameron Diaz will be in Miami on Friday to do press for Knight and Day, which opens in theaters on Wednesday. I'm seeing the movie tonight, but I won't interviewing either of them, since the fabulous pair is only talking to TV press (and select outlets, at that).


On Monday, I'll be interviewing director James Mangold, whom I've talked to before and whose work I enjoy. But it's hard to write a story about a movie built around two megastars without a single quote from either of them. I spoke to Cruise in 2008 for Valkyrie and we had a great interview - he stayed on the phone with me for an extra 10 minutes just talking about Stanley Kubrick and his work methods - but I was denied this time. Sorry, but no.

I suppose the logic is that Knight and Day isn't aimed at newspaper readers (just Playboy subscribers), although stories keep popping up about how distributor 20th Century Fox is worried about the lack of awareness around the big-budget film.Public sneak previews have been set up for Saturday night, so the studio definitely isn't hiding the movie. But it seems odd that Cruise and Diaz are coming here on a publicity blitz and can't spare 10 minutes for a story about their film.

Anyways, local paparazzi should get their game face on tomorrow if they hope to land any snaps of the actors, who will do their best to slip in and out of town undetected. I could tell you which hotel they'll be working out of, but then I'd have to kill you. Actually, I don't really know, although I could make a pretty good guess. But I'm not invited, so it doesn't matter.


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The way this movie has been pushed in our faces is incredible...what desperation. If they had something good they wouldn't be putting all their chips on opening weekend (sorry...now opening 5-days, speaking of desperation).

But then if I had a movie that was tracking worse than mega-busted Killers, I'd probably do the same. So no stones. You play the hand you're dealt.

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