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Road trip dining: Best cities for BBQ

Yesterday I gave you TheDailyMeal.com’s list of the world’s most outrageous restaurants. Today, I bring you comfort food — relatively speaking — with Food & Wine’s list of the best cities for BBQ. The list has about 20 cities or regions, says what’s distinctive about each and offers a restaurant or two where you can taste each city’s classic BBQ. Food & Wine offers three regions in Texas, four in the Carolinas, cities with deep-rooted BBQ traditions like Memphis and Kansas City, and then a few oddballs: Oahu for its huli-huli chicken, Owensboro, Kentucky for its mutton barbecue, and Decatur, Alabama for its white barbecue sauce — mayonnaise and vinegar. Read this list and just see if you’re not checking your vacation calendar for a road trip to whichever sounds best.