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A traveler confronts the perils and technological shortfalls of roadtripping

How many of you are planning to take a road trip this summer or early fall? Americans hit the road by the tens of millions at a time. Just over the July 4 holiday, AAA projected that 42.3 million of us would travel more than 50 miles from home by car. 

Chris Elliott, who writes the syndicated Travel Troubleshooter column that runs Sundays in The Miami Herald's Travel section, has been on a road trip with his wife and three kids since last fall. You can read his trip posts here. You'll be entertained and educated.

Chris makes some interesting points in a column this week: Even though the last majority of leisure trips in the U.S are made by automobile, most travel writing, mobile apps and other technology are geared toward air travel. It also underscores how much we roadtrippers have come to rely on wireless technology -- and how foohardy that can be. Read his column here.