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Bears, bears, bears

I once spent the better part of a day driving on rutted dirt roads in what was reputed to be bear territory in Alaska, determined to see a bear in the wild. Stiff from sitting in one position for so long, sore from being rattled around by the rough roads, bleary-eyed from staring through binoculars for hours on end, I never saw a bear on that trip. Fifteen years later, I am somewhat mollified by explore.org’s new bear cam, which started live-streaming bear play on Tuesday. As long as there’s daylight – which at this time of year in Alaska lasts nearly 20 hours a day – I can watch brown bears looking for salmon at Brooks Falls in Katmai National Park. Don’t tell my boss.

You can find the bear cam here, and the full story here.

Photo credit: Tahatia Hicks/AP/explore.org