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Rescued manatee gives birth at SeaWorld

Manatee and Calf small
Here’s a piece of good news. A rescued manatee has given birth at SeaWorld Orlando while recovering from a severe injury caused by a crab pot line and fishing line. The healthy manatee calf was born last week and has been nursing and bonding with mom in a back area pool at the park.

The adult manatee was rescued about six weeks ago from Sykes Creek in Merritt Island (next to the Kennedy Space Center) with severe injuries to her front right flipper caused by a crab pot line. Fishing line was also wrapped around both of her front flippers. A photo of her rescue is below. Her front right flipper was amputated and bandaged; she is now receiving antibiotics and her health is improving.

The 10-foot manatee weighed nearly 1,380 pounds when she was rescued. Because of her size, SeaWorld’s veterinary team thought she might be pregnant and gave her a sonogram, which confirmed their suspicions.

Mother and baby are doing well.

Manatee rescue small

Photo credit: SeaWorld Orlando