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Fifty shades of tourism

A movie can bring in so much tourism to the place where it was shot that local agencies  put a lot of resources into lobbying location scouts and moviemakers. Often the tourism agencies will also promote tours of movie sites after the fact. For example, VisitBritain.com has a page (click here) devoted to shooting locations titled “Britain is one glorious, gorgeous movie set.” North Carolina has put together a four-day itinerary of places where scenes from The Hunger Games move was shot (click here). Or consider Dyersville, Iowa, which built that town’s tourist industry entirely around the ballpark that was created for the shooting of Field of Dreams (click here).

Which brings us to Fifty Shades of Grey. The first book hasn’t even been made into a movie yet (it is in development at Universal), but already places mentioned in the trilogy, notably the Heathman Hotel in Portland, are being visited by curious tourists. Some hotels have created Shades of Grey-themed packages. No word on whether the packages include the, um, toys from the books. Read the story here.