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It's Craft Beer Month in Virginia

You may not have known — I didn’t — that Virginia is developing quite a craft beer community. The state has about 40 craft breweries, not enough to call it an industry yet, but enough to organize a festival this weekend to celebrate the local brews. If you’re not already on the road to Virginia, you’re not going to make it in time for the celebration. But the state tourism agency has a list of breweries and an interactive map on its website, so you can design your own road trip tour of the breweries at your leisure. (Without knowing anything else about the breweries, I’m kind of partial to the animal names — Mad Fox, Lost Rhino and Wild Wolf.)  Click here to read about Virgiania’s burgeoning craft breweries. And by the way, if you’re more interested in wine, here’s a website for Virginia’s wineries. That industry is a little further along -- Virginia claims more than 200 wineries.