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Road trip stop: Sebring

My road trip has taken me to Sebring where I’m learning that August is not the best time to vacation here. It’s hot and quiet, and some of the town’s attractions are closed for the month. Don’t get me wrong: I’ve had a busy day. The Smart Car and I have been to Sebring International Raceway (OK, yes, I did punch the accelerator on an empty access road – couldn’t help myself), Sebring’s historic downtown, and the City Pier. I've been wine-tasting. Later this evening, I’ll go back downtown for a Destination Downtown event. But the monthly Friday night art walk is cancelled in August, the art museum is between shows with nothing on display, the restaurant where I’d planned to have dinner tonight is closed for the month, and several downtown shops are on vacation.

VerandahI’m at the Kenilworth Lodge, a grand old hotel (1916) that has been updated with Wi-Fi throughout, premium movie channels, air-conditioning, a pub and wine bar, and high-tech electronic door locks. But it’s one of the old-fashioned amenities that is calling to me: the wide verandah with rocking chairs. As soon as it gets just a little bit cooler, I’ll be heading for one of those rocking chairs.