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Sandwiches for the road

A sandwich can be a thing of beauty, perfection between two slices of bread. I’d put the BLT with avocado in this category, pulled pork (with the cole slaw on the sandwich) and certain shrimp or oyster po’boys. But other sandwiches are the stuff of culinary nightmares, creations that make you say “Oh, yuck!” — at least until you taste it. Lonely Planet has compiled a field guide to great regional sandwiches in the U.S., and there are a couple that fall into the latter category — I haven’t tasted them, and my first reaction is ewwww! For example: the chow mein sandwich, fried chow mein noodles in a brown sauce with stir-fried pork or chicken and vegetables in a hamburger bun, native to parts of Massachusetts and Rhode Island. Check out Lonely Planet’s article here, then come back and tell me which one you want to try on your next road trip — and which one you hope never to encounter.