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Bahamas cruise: Still stuck in port

As soon as I woke up, I pulled open the curtain and looked out. Darn! The cargo dock of the Port of Palm Beach. Twelve hours after the Bahamas Celebration was scheduled to leave for Freeport, Grand Bahama, we were still in Florida.

Late afternoon Friday, after the captain announced that the Coast Guard wouldn't clear us for sailing that night because of Hurricane Sandy, I called the cruise line to see if I could reschedule the cruise. The agent said no.

I was enjoying the singer in the piano bar about 10:30 pm when there was another announcement on the loudspeaker: We would all be entitled to an almost-free cruise; we would just have to pay taxes and fees -- about $60 for this two-night cruise. Aha, I thought, the cruise line must have been told that we wouldn't be allowed to leave in the early-morning hours either, as crew members had been speculating. So I wasn't surprised to wake up still in the port. But I am mollified. I'll still get to Freeport another day without paying for a second cruise. Now if only they could do something about this view of cargo cranes.