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Hurricane cruise: Will we get to the Bahamas?

It wasn't my intention to cruise into a hurricane. But when I booked this cruise almost two months ago, I thought it was a safe gamble since we would be past the peak of hurricane season.

So here I am at the Port of Palm Beach, waiting for the Bahamas Celebration to depart for Freeport, Grand Bahama. Departure is scheduled for 5:30 pm but that's not going to happen. The captain just announced that the Coast Guard won't let the ship leave tonight because of Hurricane Sandy. We'll leave tomorrow as soon as the weather clears, he said. We've only got some stiff breezes here, but crew members say it's worse in the islands. One told me that the entrance to the port at Grand Bahama is narrow and difficult to maneuver in high winds.

I called the cruise line before I left home today to ask about conditions and how the storm would affect the cruise. The customer services rep told me the Coast Guard was going to let the ship sail.

I've never been to Grand Bahama. Seeing it was the reason I booked the cruise. I know a lot of people like the floating resort aspect of cruising and don't necessarily care if they ever get off the ship in any ports. I'm not one of them. For me, it's all about the destination(s). So I sure hope we get to Freeport tomorrow.