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SeaWorld's new Antarctica ride will mimic penguin's actions

The ride vehicle that will take visitors through the new attraction, Antarctica: Empire of the Penguin when it opens at SeaWorld Orlando next spring will be a mobile simulator that mimics what is happening to the penguin whose adventures the ride follows. SeaWorld executives unveiled the 8-person car this week. The new ride will be part of what executives consider a whole new “realm” in the park, with the ride, restaurant, gift shop and a penguin colony with hundreds of kings, gentoos, Adelies and rockhoppers.

“When our little hero penguin learns to waddle and slide, we’ll feel what it’s like as the car moves and reacts to the story line,” said Brian Morrow, SeaWorld Parks & Entertainment creative director. “When he takes his first swim or barely escapes danger, our guests will feel as if they’re right there with him.”

SeaWorld says the ride will be the coldest theme park attraction in the world.

Photo credit: SeaWorld