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Brandon Marshall on Peezy, The Wildcat & Pop Culture

Brandon Marshall was a guest on the Jorge Sedano Show on 790 The Ticket this morning.

Marshall was guarded most of the interview, but was certainly playful on several fronts, including his alleged rift with former Dolphin Joey Porter. (click on link below for clip)

Brandon Marshall- joey porter popcorn muscles - 6-21-10

Marshall, spoke about how excited he is to be on his new team and how he marvels at the work ethic of some of his teammates, particularly his mates in the wide receiving corps. He spoke of how adding him this off season will make the offense more dynamic. Brandon seemed excited about playing in the Wildcat and joked about a possible new wrinkle.  (click on link below for clip)

Brandon Marshall wildcat - 6-21-10

Finally, he answered some pop culture questions such as Jay-Z being his favorite musical performer. Though, his response on movie made everyone giggle. It's possible he meant it in jest, but his response was -- ALL ABOUT THE BENJAMIN'S.

Brandon Marshall favoirte movie all about the bens- 6-21-10.mp3

If it wasn't a joke, it's funny because I think we all have found ourselves attached to a crappy movie now and then.

My submission would be Rocky Balboa. It's terribly cliched, but it brings back great memories of my childhood. So, I can't get on Brandon too much.

If it was a joke you have to give him credit for poking at himself there.

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All About The Benjamins was a pretty funny movie Jorge.(twenty five twenty fo dododododo twenty five twenty fo dodododo lol)


I hope we upgrade a TIGHT END ....

I wouldnt mind if we traded our 2011 4th round pick for OLSEN (Bears ... former Cane)

We can send them FAISANO as part of the trade ...


????? NT,free safety,guard,te,de,olb,center,nickelback, Henne? better or worse in 3rd yr?
Players who could drop in performance
Vernon Carey
Channing chowder

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