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Bulls get defensive & take shot at HEAT, Wade & Town

So, it looks like the Bulls got a bit defensive with Dwyane Wade's comments about loyalty.
I'll begin by saying I love Chicago. It's one of my favorite cities in America. In my opinion, it has a great mix of excellent restaurants, fun nightlife and Midwest charm.

The latter must not apply to the folks in the BULLS organization.

Sam Smith wrote a piece at BULLS.com in defense of the organization that pays his bills. Chuck Swirsky the BULLS radio play by play man did the same via his Twitter account.

There is no shame in that.

Heck, if we're going to lay out all our cards, I was the HEAT's (radio) studio host from 2004-2007.

(Though, I was paid by the station. I was NEVER an employee of the team).

Now that we have gotten all that out of the way let's take a look at what's being said here.

Sam Smith goes out of his way to try to discredit the HEAT organization in order to defend (prop up) the BULLS.

Example #1:

The irony, of course, is the Heat seems to be one of the least welcoming organizations to its former players.

Only three former players remain part of the organization, and in minor roles. There is no former Heat player in a significant or high profile position in the organization. They’re mostly minor contributors, like Alonzo Mourning, John Crotty and Keith Askins.

Plus, despite the work he’s done the last few seasons, coach Eric Spoelstra already is being discussed for jobs as team president Pat Riley again said he may come back to coach. Plus, it was no secret how Riley ran out coach Stan Van Gundy after a 59-win season so Riley could have a shot to take the team to a championship once Shaquille O’Neal returned from injury.

If you compare it with the Bulls, there seems little obvious comparison of which franchise has been more loyal and supportive of its former players.

Randy Brown and Pete Myers are on the coaching staff. Stacey King is the main TV analyst. John Paxson is the Executive Vice President of Basketball Operations, probably the highest ranking official in the organization in a true decision making position, of which the Heat never entrust any former player. Bill Wennington is the radio analyst.


Does anyone else find Smith's casting of Mourning, Askins & Crotty's employment as, "minor contributors," laughable? Especially, when in the same breath he depicts Randy Brown, Pete Myers, Bill Wennington and Stacy King's employment as integral parts to the BULLS organization?

Last I checked, Zo recently became the VP of Player Development and a community liaison. The community aspect makes all the sense in the world. Alonzo Mourning is arguably the top philanthropist in the City of Miami's history. His job description includes a mentoring role. In a league where you're dealing with kids for all intents and purposes, it sounds like it's an important job to me.

Keith Askins has been a full-time assistant coach for a decade (I guess that's minor too).

John Crotty who may be the best radio color analyst in the league has been with the organization for over 6 years now.

So, John Paxson is a high level front office type.


What has that exactly done for the BULLS?

I've been hearing about how we should be on the lookout for, "THE BABY BULLS," for a LONG TIME.

I'm still waiting.

The only thing of note I recall John Paxson doing is get into a fight with his coach.

The coach he handcuffed by trading away one of his best perimeter players (Salmons) and a solid rotation player (Thomas). Let's not forget Joakim Noah was out for a stretch (which allegedly led to the altercation). In spite of all that the same coach went and made the playoffs.

Nonetheless, it's not like the BULLS have been a bastion of winning the last decade.

Let's look at the tale of the tape:


341 wins and 479 losses (that's a .416 winning percentage if you're scoring at home)

Five playoff appearances and never past the 2nd round of the playoffs.


413 win and 407 losses (a respectable .504 winning percentage)

Seven playoff appearances a Championship and a Conference Finals appearance.

Ah yes!

The Riley Stan Van Gundy saga.

A story of the teacher betraying the student. Slick hair vs Mustaches. Armani vs Men's Warehouse. The stuff movie scripts are written about!

Well, not exactly.

For years, I tried to explain to people how Shaq was at the bottom of all this. I was on the dreaded road trip that was SVG's last. I'll never forget being in the HEAT's locker room after a loss to the Clipper's and SVG looking like someone had just urinated on his pant leg.

Shaq is a large man. He has an even larger ego. You can imagine how losing someone like him in the locker room could be disastrous. 

Newsflash Sam! This is old news. Shaq pushed out Stan. Move on or get informed.

Riley did what anyone in their right mind would've have done. Side with your best player. 
It's no different than how Pat got his first gig... or did you forget Paul Westhead vs Magic Johnson?

How about something more recent Byron Scott vs Jason Kidd in New Jersey?

I happened to be at the Riley press conference that recently made headlines.

The question was asked in this fashion,

"Pat can you put to rest any speculation about you coming back to coaching?"

His defiant response,

"Don't lay that on me. I'll do what's in best interest of team. I'm not thinking of anything except building this team."

He continued,

"If I leave team & get tired of reading books and I want coach. Then I want to coach. I can't definitively tell you how I'll feel in future."

And then the money shot, where he was asked in a hypothetical situation if a free agent asked him to come back and coach would he?

"If that happened I'd have to consider it, if it was in best interest of the team."

I do a talk show in Miami at 790 The Ticket and the next day there weren't too many people opposed to the idea.

If that's what it takes to land say, LeBron James.

Then so be it.

Erik is a nice young coach, but players win in this league

Pat understands that and anyone with half a brain does too.

The point is, this was a hypothetical question and response.

The likelihood of any of this coming to fruition is microscopic.

No offense, none of that is worse than Jerry Krause ripping apart arguably the greatest dynasty in the NBA.

By the way fellas, if Pat was SOOOOO EVIL then why would he have taken in a disgraced former player & Heat great like Tim Hardaway (do we really need to relive the John Amaechi stuff here?) and not only retire his jersey, but create a position for him within the organization as team ambassador within the community and organization?

A position that's no different than say Reggie Jackson's with the Yankees.

The Heat organization employs about 100 people.

There has been very little turnover since the arrival of Pat in 1995-96. Since his arrival the following Basketball Operations employees have been with the organization the whole time: Erik Spoelstra, Bob McAdoo, Keith Askins, Jay Sabol, Bill Foran, Andy Elisburg, Tim Donovan, David Holcombe, Adam Simon and Karen Merrill. The following employees were also added a year or two after Pat's arrival and all have been full-time with the HEAT's Basketball Operations department double-digit years: Vinny Aquilino, Chet Kammerer, Randy Embry, Rob Wilson, Kenny McCraney, Steve Stowe and Yvette Morrell.

That doesn't include the likes of Ron Rothstein who has served as an assistant coach the last six years after serving as head coach the first three years of the franchise. Tony Fiorentino has been employed by the organization since the first season in a variety of positions (scout, assistant coach and tv analyst). Broadcasters Eric Reid and Jose Paneda have both been employed by the club since the first year and Mike Inglis just completed his 12th season. Then there was Ron Culp, who was with the organization until two years ago when he decided to retire after serving over 20 years as the team's trainer.

So despite the fact Miami hasn't been around as long as the Bulls they still have a good track record of loyalty to those that were a part of this organization.

So, a little over a quarter of the employees have been there for FIFTEEN YEARS!

Considering the team has only been in business for 22 years, that's pretty good.


Plus, check Miami’s list of former coaches—you won’t find a former player, but the Bulls have had Bill Cartwright and Jerry Sloan as coaches. B.J. Armstrong was a front office executive and now represents Derrick Rose.

Jerry Sloan is a great player as a member of the BULLS. There is no doubt.

Though, as a coach you're going to try to pass him off as a BULL? There isn't a sane hoops fan in America that would try to do that. You think Jerry Sloan the coach and you think JAZZ.

He made the playoffs in his second season as a coach and you fired him the next year after 51 games.

That's loyalty?

Bill Cartwright coached one full season and parts of two others. You sure showed a lot of patience with him too. 

Neither of them were to blame really. As I stated earlier, players make coaches look good and there wasn't a surplus of good one's in those cases.

Though, B.J. Armstrong was so good for the organization that you guys passed him up for the guy who punched your last coach. 

Now, let's take a look at Chuck Swirsky (radio play by play man) here for a second.

He made similar comments via his Twitter account about, loyalty and class in regards to his organization.

By the way, the ridiculous part about all this is, we're actually trying to compare a BULLS organization that's been around twice as long as the HEAT organization.

So, one would assume there should have been more BULLS players employed by the organization.

But, here's where he takes the cake (via Swirsky's Twitter account)

"Let me think about this one...better sports city Chicago or Miami? Better fans? Chicago or Miami?"

I mean really? How old are we here?

Though, if you REALLY want to, we can dissect this one for a minute.

Is Chicago a city with a vast sports tradition compared to Miami?


Does Chicago have better or more fans than Miami?


Has Chicago been a more successful sports town than Miami?

Wait a minute!

BULLS over HEAT. Overall, not close. Though, we already covered recent history.


Miami has 2 Super Bowls to Chicago's 1.

Miami has an undefeated season and we ruined yours.

(Just in case you forgot what happened in 1985 on the way to your championship)

So, it's the DOLPHINS in this one.


The fact you guys have two teams means it's not going to be a fair fight (think classic wrestling setup). Though, this is a closer race than many would concede. The Fish have their 2 World Series Championships as do the Cubs. White Sox have 3.

Until the Sox broke through again in 2005, Chicago baseball had been talking about, "next year," for about a hundred years.

I'll give you the White Sox having had more overall success, but ask Steve Bartman about the Marlins? Too Soon?

In all fairness to Bartman, you all should REALLY blame Alex Gonzalez for booting the ball on the very next play.

I won't argue Hockey. You're in the Stanley Cup Finals (up 2-0)  and one of the Original Six for God's sake!

College Football?

CANES vs Fighting ILLINI

I know Illinois has won 5 National Championships. I do believe most if not all were won when guys were still using leather helmets.

Canes have won 5 and changed the landscape of college football. Along with having ESPN create a movie about them.

If you want to give me Notre Dame, let's not forget Miami has beaten them 7 of their last 10 meetings.

The fact that Notre Dame took Miami off the schedule because of their lack of success means Miami wins by submission (kind of like Fedor Emelianenko in the MMA World).

So, for a city without nearly half the history we do just fine.

Thank You Very Much.

Some more from Swirsky's Twitter:

"Here's another fact--the Bulls have better assets than Miami"

Chicago has some nice pieces. I would say more pieces than Miami currently on it's roster. Some would argue that in a sign & trade scenario (which I assume he's alluding to) that Chicago is better off because of those, "assets."

Not everyone would agree.

Here's a clip from SI NBA Guru Chris Mannix opining that the BULLS "Assets," are not as attractive as those in the organization may think.


Reality is this, Miami has a blank canvas.

It's also obvious Wade is not going anywhere and is playing recruiter for the HEAT.

Then you factor in that you have Pat Riley running one organization and John Paxson running the other. Well, you can figure the rest out. I'm pretty sure most people would take their chances with Pat.

Besides, Riles is a much better dancer (forward to about 2 min in).

EXAMPLE #3 (Final Example)

The shocking part of this was that at a time when the Heat is in competition with the Bulls and other teams in free agency this summer that Wade would launch a personal attack on the organization without having any facts, but a personal bias.

So much for gentlemanly competition and let the best organization win.

Hello Mr. Pot, Meet Mr. Kettle.

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lets talk about rings chupamelocortos


u know 4 a moment i wanted D WADE 2 come 2 chicago since he is from here but now after he took a shot at the team that has better chance 2 land a big name like lebron james than them sorry heat is better if he stay in miami and still beeing a prostitute 4 pat riley Bulls have James and Bosh on their radar. You have a crazy wife in Chicago that will stalk you at home games if you were a Bull. That does not look good Wade. Stay in Miami and hang out at those cocaine playpens in South Beach with your Ho's. Real players are wanted in Chicago.


another thing Dwade should look at his own team before he starts talking about loyalty lol wow look at what pat did to svg or even what he did to wade since they last won the championship he pretty much wasted the last 2 yrs & even when they traded for marion riley called wade & marion the next jordan and pippen then he went right around and traded him for washed up JO where was the loyalty or even what he did to anthony carter when his agent made a mistake where was the loyalty btw hows rony glen steve willie wayne khalid sherman mason eddie brian doing???? just look at how many former bulls players are still on the payroll he needs to get his facts straight


sedano u r a tipical miami fan still on the dolphin 1972 short season best record? tha's silly lol i listen 2 u every morning u r the perfect fit for them doplhins and heat btw when was the last time ur dolphins went 2 the super bowl 1? well my 49ers took care of that the results XIX 01985-01-20 January 20, 1985 San Francisco 49ers 02 San Francisco 49ers* 38–16 Miami Dolphins like one of your eader said EAT IT!!! CHUPALO!!! TOMA LO!!! SUCK IT!!! how's ur eye now?

mister mister

manny didnt you read what happen with svg?.Shaq run him out and forced pat to make the move which it worked perfectly otherwise miami doesnt win that ring.How stupid can somebody be to not see what was going on

See ya


take your wind, goats, and stanley cups and get out of our city please


Chicago, Come on son. Lets get real.

Don't worry though, Carmelo Anthony is going to be a free agent next year. Then you can play "Guess which NBA superstar we will dress up in a Chicago Bulls jersey this morning" on your sports page with the Knicks.

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Manny, have you ever heard of punctuation or sentence structure? You must have been too busy counting Jordan's nut hairs when you should have been in English class.

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