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Trent Difer takes Sanchez over Henne

I just came across this blurb from Tim Graham's ESPN AFC EAST BLOG.

Graham addresses the raging debate about the two young quarterback's on rival teams. In the blog Graham mentions how he feels that Sanchez could have the better season than Henne. His counterpart, (Scouts Inc. Analyst) Matt Williamson disagrees and feels that Henne will likely be the better quarterback in 2010.

So, for the tiebreaker they decided to reach out to ESPN NFL Analyst Trent Dilfer for this thoughts:

"I like Chad Henne," Dilfer said. "I think he's good player. I think he's limited athletically. I don't think he's the same type of athlete as Mark Sanchez. He's not the same type of thrower. He's kind of a fastball thrower. He doesn't have the repertoire as a football player that Mark Sanchez has. That doesn't mean he can't develop it, but that's going to take longer.

"Sanchez is the unique talent of the last five or six draft classes because he has that Alpha male personality. He has that 'it factor.' Then physically he has the sudden feet, plenty of arm, is highly accurate, was mature beyond his years as a college player. He has a distinct advantage because of his makeup, the total package, and they're supporting him in such a great way.

"He's in as good a situation -- because of who he is and what they're doing as an organization -- as you can be in with a young quarterback."

Listen, everyone is entitled to their opinion. I think it's just fodder in the off season to keep interest of two rabid fan bases. 

None of us know how good either guy will be.

The rivalry could get a huge boost that Ken O'Brien could never provide in rivaling Dan Marino.

I do think everyone would agree that it will be a hell of a ride for the players, teams and fans for years to come.


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Why is this clown still taking up space in The Herald


Dilfer always picks against Miami. it doesnt make much sense, but he ALWAYS picks against us

Mr. B

Dilfer's always been an idiot

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