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Video: Barkley tells Miami crowd they're #1

A lot has been made of how the Miami crowd treated Charles Barkley on the set of TNT's post game. TNT set up their broadcast outside the AAA.

Barkley has been quite vocal about the Heat this season. It's safe to say most fans feel he's been overly negative towards the team and the city.

Yesterday, that all came to a head outside of the arena.

Here's a video (a listener named Claudia sent us) before the post game show started of Barkley retaliating (having some fun with the fans), by giving them the two gun salute (Bryan Cox would be proud).

It even seemed like Chuck got a chuckle out of it...


I don't condone people throwing things at him... even a t-shirt as you see in this video.

I think fans should be able to give it to him, as long as, it's in good taste.


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Barkley is an idiot and for this he should be kicked out of TNT's next broadcast. This guy is an utter disgrace to the NBA, TNT, and all retired athletes.


Yes moron, lets get rid of the one guy that is entertaining and maybe you can replace him with a guy who will give us more mindless talk about how "chicago needs to rebound more" and "miami's bench was better tonight". Relax and enjoy the fact taht he says whatever he wants. If he were talking bad about chicago instead, you'd be loving it.


The guy is a buffoon and not entertaining.If somebody is talking bad about you, the natural thing to do is to fight back.Where does "Sir ringless Barkley" get the audacity and ego to call the Miami Heat players "whiny". The dude can't even take a heat himself, flipping fans off on national TV. Yep! Let's get rid of him because he's a narrow minded analyst who can't help but showing his despise for Miami.


Yawn, George. Yesterday's OLD news.


Keep him. He is is entertaining. It makes the analysis more lively.


It is the NBA who says that they 'must fight through it' or 'just keep fighting'. The NBA has taken the sport from PLAYING basketball to fighting basketball. What do you expect when the NBA and the sportscasters who represent the NBA want to show agression and demean everyone and everything? Isn't it time that we let people PAY sports instead of saying stupid things like 'it was a war out there'?
And Chuck, if you can't stand the HEAT then get out of the fire. YOu started this and now you want to have someone else finish it or fight someone. And Joakim and the sportscasters blame the fans for Noah's behavior? How ridiculous! The players are entertainers and need to be ready for cheers and heckling... especially when they incite it with inflamatory comments.


I think charles is a major IDIOT , he is plainly a labron james hater and he doesn't hide it. I don't see him entaining at all, what a no speaking moron.


Who made the spit on children moron the voice of nba tnt anyway. The basketball player's are all scared to say anything back to him when he ridicules them, it's crazy for this ringless idiot who spits on kids to even be sitting his fat uncomfortable looking dumb, nonspeaking self on national tv. I mean this idiot can't even speak intelligently.


Barkley is hilarious. Sports are entertainment. Not the meaning of
Ife. Relax. Especially if you can't spell LeBron, Dano1748.


It can easily be misspelled . What do you do for a lving or do you work , Bryc ? You can say whats hilarious to you not to others, if you think he's funny or hilarious maybe your an idiot too .

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