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The State of South Florida Sports

I feel like we're in an episode of The Twilight Zone.

Never in my life as a sports fan/media member in South Florida have I felt this kind of despair.

Just recently, I did an interview for ESPN's Page 2 with Patrick Dorsey on the plight of South Florida sports. At the time, I explained it as being stuck in purgatory. Having no clue how any of the teams will perform, suspended in the air somewhere between the basement and knocking on the door of success.

Let's examine the situation here:

(University of Miami Hurricanes)

The University of Miami is embroiled in an NCAA scandal that has brought shame, embarrassment, overreaction, and anger all rolled into one. It's driven school President Donna Shalala to release Al-Jazeera like videos from her office. All while many in the national media yell for the death penalty.

Not saying that everyone who yells for the death penalty is clamoring for attention, but isn't it weird that the reporter who broke all this news, Charles Robinson, doesn't feel that the death penalty is warranted?

Let's be real here; It's an easy way to get people to click on links and keep those same people from changing the channel or station.

It's always easy to pile on the guys who wore fatigues 24 years ago. It's practically en vogue.

Certainly, FIU and FAU have done a nice job of late, but reality is those two programs are in their infancy and don't have the following, nor do they stir up the emotion Miami does.

I await Donna's next video with bated breath.

(Florida Marlins)

Stop me if you've heard this before.

If everything breaks right the Marlins could be in contention for the wild card!

I feel like that's been the rally cry for 6 seasons now.

Let's look at the season in a nutshell: they didn't have a 3B to start the season. You have no idea if the rotation would be good enough and you had no idea who was going to play CF.

Then, Josh Johnson got hurt (again). Hanley Ramirez gave us his typical dog & pony show off the field (again). Unfortunately, for the first time he didn't produce on the field (hopefully never again). They sent down the guy batting in the 3 hole for 9 games because they didn't like him popping off on Twitter (I actually agreed with that one). But, don't sweat it, you'll love the new stadium next year!

This adds up to them currently being in last place in the NL East and running to the drawing board on what needs to be done to ensure people will be in those new seats at their fancy new stadium after a week.

(Miami Dolphins)

Enough about the current tenants of the stadium formerly known as Joe Robbie.

Now, I have to get to the owners of the stadium. The question is, where do I begin?

Let's start after another 7-9 season. You know, about where we started to realize that 11-5 season from 3 years ago was a mirage.

The owner went on a cross country trip with the GM, all in the name of replacing the current head coach with Jim Harbaugh. That's all fine and dandy except Harbaugh is coaching the 49'ers and not the Dolphins.

Hell of a sales pitch, huh?

Now, after public humiliation and some uncomfortable conversations behind closed doors, they gave the current head coach Tony Sparano a contract extension.

You want to talk about hostile working environments? That place in Davie makes Dunder Mifflin seem functional.

To make matters worse, the marketing side of the Dolphins franchise is just as incompetent as the personnel side.

A few months ago, CEO Mike Dee had to come out if his office to explain to all of us why the Dolphins were selling New York Jets gear at their stadium. Only to remove it within a day or so.

Most recently, the Dolphins decided it would be a good idea to have, "Gator Day," on October 23rd when the Denver Broncos come to town. They thought it would be a swell time to honor the 2009 Florida Gators National Championship.

They invited Urban Meyer and 20 former players from that team over to Sun Lifeless Stadium to honor them at halftime.

Basically, they had a bunch of seats left over for the game and figured they'd piggy back on Tebow mania.

Though, the Dolphins would have you believe that they want to celebrate Mike Pouncey being on that team too.


That's like telling me Francis Ford Coppola would be honoring "The Godfathers" Oscar win for Abe Vigoda.

So, let me get this straight;  you're inviting people to openly root for an opposing team?

Worse even, you're inviting them to root for the third string quarterback?

Ugh! How the once mighty have fallen!

While we're on the subject, who the hell honors a 2 year anniversary of anything?

Not to mention, the fact that one of their tenants happens to be celebrating a 10 and 20 year anniversary of a championship.

I think the Dolphins should hire me as the Common Sense Consultant. Considering, no one on the business side has any.

(Miami Heat)

You hear that sound?

Me neither, because It's called silence.

Empty basketball arenas everywhere will have that same feeling.

I've always thought David Stern was the smartest and boldest commissioner in all of sports.

Is this the way he wants to end his legacy? Another work stoppage?

Especially, coming off the heels of the most successful season since Jordan!

I can't buy the NBA will forgo an entire season. After last years Heat cliffhanger this needs to be resolved ASAP.

Or at least, for the sanity of South Florida. It's the one thing South Florida can feel good about and even that's being delayed or worse (GULP) taken away entirely for a year.

I need to know if LeBron will fulfill the legacy bestowed upon him (or upon himself - depends on who you listen to) as, "THE CHOSEN ONE"

I need to know if Dwyane Wade can remain healthy enough for multiple title runs.

I need to know if Chris Bosh can channel that emotion and "get it where big guys get it," for a whole season.

I need to know if Erik Spoelstra can become the next Pat Riley.

I need to know if Pat Riley can become the next Jerry West.

I need to know if Joel Anthony (The Warden) can catch the damn ball cleanly!

Okay. You get the point.

Point is... GET IT DONE STERN!

Our sports sanity depends on it.

P.S. You might be wondering why the Florida Panthers weren't mentioned in this blog post. Well, all you need to do is check the NHL's playoff history the last decade and you'll understand why they were absent here too.



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There are a lot more Gator grads in South Florida than UM grads!


I don't that was the point. The point was that the Dolphins would be selling tickets to fans who would be cheering an opponent. Which is pretty crazy.


My South Florida rankings:

1. Miami Heat
2. Florida Panthers

3. Miami Dolphins
4. Florida Marlins

The Heat speak for themselves, season or not. They have a chance for something great the next few years.

Even though the Heat have two of the top three players in the world, the Panthers have the brightest future. Instead of mentioning that though Sedano, you knock them for what they havent done in a while. Sure, they have missed the playoffs for 10 years, but since Tallon has taken over, no other team in South Florida has made bigger strides, and set themselves up for a successful future. Pathetic shot at a team that is trying to right all the wrongs that have happened the past decade.

The Fins wont be good until they realize they need an Oline and a TE.

The Marlins are just a mess. The worst part about them is that we cant fire an owner.


There may be more Gator grads than UM grads in S. Fla, but there are definitely more UM FANS than Gator fans in S. Fla.


I would love to see if this kid even played high school basketball.

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