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The truth about Miami Sports Radio Ratings

There are plenty of hosts out there who boast about how good their shows or ratings are.

This post will include all the numbers for 2011 thru last month (July) in the key Men 25-54 demographic (August numbers are only halfway done to this point).

This will include the daytime shows from 6am thru 7pm which are the most listened to hours on radio.

We'll only include 790 The Ticket and 560 WQAM in this post b/c the other two stations (WINZ and WMEN) don't accumulate a 1 share in the Men 25-54 demo combined. Nothing personal. They barely register at all. So, we'll stick to the top two stations.

Morning Drive: 6am - 10am - Jorge Sedano on 790 The Ticket vs Joe Rose on 560 WQAM


560 WQAM - 3.7 and 790 The Ticket- 2.0


560 WQAM - 2.8 and 790 The Ticket - 2.6


790 The Ticket - 3.3 and 560 WQAM- 2.8


560 WQAM - 3.5 and 790 The Ticket - 3.0


790 The Ticket 4.0 and 560 WQAM 4.0 (tie - The Ticket had a higher listener cume 790's was 69k to 560's was 57k)


790 The Ticket - 4.2 and 560 WQAM - 2.7


790 The Ticket 2.3 and 560 WQAM 1.6

As you see here, the battle between myself and Joe Rose is pretty even throughout 2011. Joe had a strong January where he kicked my butt and I had a strong June where I beat him by a significant margin. Outside of that, it's pretty close. The numbers thru seven months are 3 wins 3 losses and 1 tie for both shows. You can't get any closer than that.

I have nothing but the utmost respect for Joe. I'm pretty sure the feeling is mutual. There's obviously enough of an audience for both of us to do our thing.


Mid day: 10am-1pm Colin Cowherd (790 The Ticket) vs 2 hrs of Toretta/White & 1 hr of Irvin Show (WQAM)


560 WQAM - 1.9 and 790 The Ticket - 1.6


790 The Ticket - 2.0 and 560 WQAM - 1.5


790 The Ticket - 2.3 and 560 WQAM - 2.0


560 WQAM - 2.6 and 790 The Ticket - 1.6


790 The Ticket - 2.7 and 560 WQAM - 2.5


790 The Ticket - 2.4 and 560 WQAM - 2.0


790 The Ticket - 1.3 and 560 WQAM - 1.1

In what's been a fairly competitive battle Colin Cowherd's national talk show, that airs on 790 The Ticket beat 3 hours of Toretta/Irvin combo on WQAM in 5 out of the 7 months. Toretta generally broadcasts from North Carolina and Michael Irvin from Dallas.

Mid Day: 1pm-3pm: Sports Brothers - E.W. Freeman & Jeff Fox (The Ticket) vs Michael Irvin Show (WQAM)


560 WQAM - 2.2 and 790 The Ticket - 1.8


790 The Ticket - 2.4 and 560 WQAM - 1.7


560 WQAM - 2.2 and 790 The Ticket - 2.1


560 WQAM - 2.9 and 790 The Ticket - 1.9


560 WQAM - 2.6 and 790 The Ticket - 2.5


790 The Ticket - 3.1 and 560 WQAM - 2.5


560 WQAM - 1.4 and 790 The Ticket - 1.3

Outside of April, where Michael Irvin (WQAM) had a sizeable win vs the Sports Brothers, it's been a fairly close competition. Though, Irvin (WQAM) has edged the Sports Brothers (The Ticket) in 5 of the 7 months.

Afternoon Drive: 3pm-7pm - Dan Le Batard Show w/ Stugotz (The Ticket) vs Sid Rosenberg (WQAM)


790 The Ticket - 2.6 and 560 WQAM - 2.2


790 The Ticket - 3.2 and 560 WQAM -1.8


790 The Ticket - 3.1 and 560 WQAM- 1.5


790 The Ticket - 3.8 and 560 WQAM - 1.8


790 The Ticket - 4.2 and 560 WQAM - 2.8


790 The Ticket - 4.5 and 560 WQAM - 2.2


790 The Ticket - 1.8 and 560 WQAM -   1.6

The Dan Le Batard Show with Stugotz Show on 790 The Ticket is undefeated in 2011 and has won its time slot dating back over a year now. Sid Rosenberg had competative showings in January and July, but outside of that it hasn't been very close in the afternoon drive battle.

Those are the facts. You can discuss them at your leisure.





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How can the best radio show in South Florida go over a year without a ratings win?


Don't worry. Sad Rosenberg will claim, "ratings don't matter."


Although I prefer 790 in most cases, there is an untold story here. The biggest sports story between January and June in South Florida was the Miami Heat. 560 is not built to talk about the Heat or the NBA with all of its morning through midday personalities being part of the NFL jockocracy and the 790 guys being diverse sports talk hosts. As the football season kicks in, though, I see the ratings for all these shows, with the exception of the afternoon drive where Lebatard will always kick Sid's ass, swinging in 560's favor.


Ricky, that's probably accurate. Though, if I recall correctly Barry Jackson wrote ratings plenty during football season and the numbers generally stay close over the last few years.

Sid Rosenberg

My main man Jorge,

Why post this non-sense, pal? We know who has the best show in the area. I am from one of the biggest markets in the world and I know how to run a show(burp). I have brought on a lot of my near and dear friends on the program who have complimented me on ripping Howard Stern's show and making it a sports show hybrid here in South Florida which has the WORST fan base. Oh I think I just made a doodie thinking about it.


Christopher Spuches

790 is the better station without questions. Sedano has an excellent morning show with the addition of Guzio, Cowherd is excellent, and LeBatard is one of the best in the business, hands down.

Sid Rosenberg is a charismatic guy but not at LeBatard's level. Not even close. LeBatard is a Miami treasure, and could have left for more money and bigger markets but stays here. Good guy, great show.

Mr. B

Dirtbag Sid likes to talk about coming from the biggest media market and know so much about sports, but obviously he couldn't cut it there. He thought he could come down to the number 12 market and dominate, but he still gets chewed up. If only he wouldtuck his tale between his legs and get his mentally retarded self off the air period!

Marcos Garcia

Sid.."If thats really you"

If you feel that Miami has the worst fan base. Why dont u get a gig in nyc??? I moved away from miami to go to central florida.I hated it so much I tried every day to get back down here. I was lucky enough to get out of that hell hole. And come back to the 305! Just a thought homie! I do switch over to you on the days there's a Marlin game on the radio. Baseball on the radio is horrible.

P.S. Take Dre with you!

Marcos Garcia

Sports Brothers are the weak link in the chain thats on the neck of the monster they call 790.#real talk!!!


Sid will certainly claim this is inaccurate or dig up some demo he's leading in and blow it all out of proportion. And because of that, Sid will probably rate higher today, August 25th because everyone will listen for that. Truth is I know we all flip back and forth during afternoon drive. I find the Lebatard show much more entertaining and actually funny but it's also insultingly annoying how much of it is the "Stugotz Live Read Extravaganza"! It's mind-boggling how insincere and fake he sounds on those terminal live spots. Now, as soon as I hear "OK, guys...." I can't change the station fast enough. Next thing you know I'm listening to Sid and enjoying how annoying he is. I'm sure I'm not alone in this category. With the way new media is developing and with more and more choices of entertainment popping up every day, the necessary evil of having to listen to jocks read in-genuine live commercials all day is no longer something we have to deal with. And when it's this watered down, eventually it can't be working for the advertisers either.

Marcos Garcia

i agree with murph. as soon as i hear "Ok Guys" I pop back in a CD. HaHa..


Sid Rosenberg sucks. He likes to think of himself as this polarizing, contraversial, no-nonesense figure but, in reality, he's just a moron that cannot put together a coherent thought let alone express one.


LeBatard is a good writer. He's not a good radio guy. In fact, he's got minimal talent on the mic. He's a Miami guy and a complete homer at that. Ask any prominent radio talent across the country, and they'll tell you Dan couldn't make it in another major market . His show caters to people that live south of Countyline Road and that have a combined IQ of about 20.

Professor klump

Sid can't pronounce "r"s correctly. It's Tom BRady not Tom bwwady. Randy Shannon not Wandy Shannon.


There's no question that "D" is Sid. I heard him say the exact same thing about Le Batard on his show yesterday. Well, I guess it could be one of Sid's cronies.

Chupacabre Charles

Posted by: D

You also forgot, next month Dan has his own show on ESPN2 before PTI. Perhaps you have heard of ESPN? I am pretty sure ESPN expands it shows to cater to more people then the ones that live south of Countyline Road and that have a combined IQ of about 20

Marcos Garcia

^co sign


I was gonna respond to D's comment too then I realized that someone who stereotypes what "talent on the mic" is and characterizes everyone below County Line Rd. as having a cumulative IQ of less than 20 isn't worth responding to.

Shelby Buckley

I listen to your station on the weekends because of the Golf Radio Show on Sunday. Wish it was on during the week.


What's wrong with all you idiots in Miami? Don't you know that I'm great personal friends w/ Don Imus and Mike Francesa???

Marcos Garcia

How in any earthly way couldnt sid be the best there is and best there ever will be in the S.Florida market? He's from new york! He was on IMUS,he use to do half time shows for the Giants, he has that great nyc accent, and he lives up in Rat Mouth!!!! He's an all around Stand up guy! haha..

Laura Thomas

I agree with you on the Miami Heat, but ever since the weeks leading up to "LeBron's Decision" 560 has barely touched the NBA/Miami Heat. I used to listen to Joe Rose every morning, but it just wasn't covered nearly as much as I wanted to hear about it so I switched to Sedano and I haven't gone back. I feel like 790 does a good mix of NFL/College talk during football season too. 560 just needs to make some adjustments because let's face it the Miami Heat is the best franchise right now in South Florida. The Dolphins have turned into a joke in the NFL and the Marlins... well, they are the Marlins. I LOVE the fact that Dan has blown away Sid on a monthly basis... he is such a pig and doesn't even deserve an time slot!

Marcos Garcia

Joe Rose's Tennis talk drove me nuts!!! I made the switch last year

Sid Stole Money

Hey Sid.. why dont you tell everyone why you got fired from 790???? Stealing money???

Sid's Dope Man

No, he got fired for trying to snort the sidelines on Dolphin game days.

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