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The truth about Miami Sports Radio Ratings

There are plenty of hosts out there who boast about how good their shows or ratings are.

This post will include all the numbers for 2011 thru last month (July) in the key Men 25-54 demographic (August numbers are only halfway done to this point).

This will include the daytime shows from 6am thru 7pm which are the most listened to hours on radio.

We'll only include 790 The Ticket and 560 WQAM in this post b/c the other two stations (WINZ and WMEN) don't accumulate a 1 share in the Men 25-54 demo combined. Nothing personal. They barely register at all. So, we'll stick to the top two stations.

Morning Drive: 6am - 10am - Jorge Sedano on 790 The Ticket vs Joe Rose on 560 WQAM


560 WQAM - 3.7 and 790 The Ticket- 2.0


560 WQAM - 2.8 and 790 The Ticket - 2.6


790 The Ticket - 3.3 and 560 WQAM- 2.8


560 WQAM - 3.5 and 790 The Ticket - 3.0


790 The Ticket 4.0 and 560 WQAM 4.0 (tie - The Ticket had a higher listener cume 790's was 69k to 560's was 57k)


790 The Ticket - 4.2 and 560 WQAM - 2.7


790 The Ticket 2.3 and 560 WQAM 1.6

As you see here, the battle between myself and Joe Rose is pretty even throughout 2011. Joe had a strong January where he kicked my butt and I had a strong June where I beat him by a significant margin. Outside of that, it's pretty close. The numbers thru seven months are 3 wins 3 losses and 1 tie for both shows. You can't get any closer than that.

I have nothing but the utmost respect for Joe. I'm pretty sure the feeling is mutual. There's obviously enough of an audience for both of us to do our thing.


Mid day: 10am-1pm Colin Cowherd (790 The Ticket) vs 2 hrs of Toretta/White & 1 hr of Irvin Show (WQAM)


560 WQAM - 1.9 and 790 The Ticket - 1.6


790 The Ticket - 2.0 and 560 WQAM - 1.5


790 The Ticket - 2.3 and 560 WQAM - 2.0


560 WQAM - 2.6 and 790 The Ticket - 1.6


790 The Ticket - 2.7 and 560 WQAM - 2.5


790 The Ticket - 2.4 and 560 WQAM - 2.0


790 The Ticket - 1.3 and 560 WQAM - 1.1

In what's been a fairly competitive battle Colin Cowherd's national talk show, that airs on 790 The Ticket beat 3 hours of Toretta/Irvin combo on WQAM in 5 out of the 7 months. Toretta generally broadcasts from North Carolina and Michael Irvin from Dallas.

Mid Day: 1pm-3pm: Sports Brothers - E.W. Freeman & Jeff Fox (The Ticket) vs Michael Irvin Show (WQAM)


560 WQAM - 2.2 and 790 The Ticket - 1.8


790 The Ticket - 2.4 and 560 WQAM - 1.7


560 WQAM - 2.2 and 790 The Ticket - 2.1


560 WQAM - 2.9 and 790 The Ticket - 1.9


560 WQAM - 2.6 and 790 The Ticket - 2.5


790 The Ticket - 3.1 and 560 WQAM - 2.5


560 WQAM - 1.4 and 790 The Ticket - 1.3

Outside of April, where Michael Irvin (WQAM) had a sizeable win vs the Sports Brothers, it's been a fairly close competition. Though, Irvin (WQAM) has edged the Sports Brothers (The Ticket) in 5 of the 7 months.

Afternoon Drive: 3pm-7pm - Dan Le Batard Show w/ Stugotz (The Ticket) vs Sid Rosenberg (WQAM)


790 The Ticket - 2.6 and 560 WQAM - 2.2


790 The Ticket - 3.2 and 560 WQAM -1.8


790 The Ticket - 3.1 and 560 WQAM- 1.5


790 The Ticket - 3.8 and 560 WQAM - 1.8


790 The Ticket - 4.2 and 560 WQAM - 2.8


790 The Ticket - 4.5 and 560 WQAM - 2.2


790 The Ticket - 1.8 and 560 WQAM -   1.6

The Dan Le Batard Show with Stugotz Show on 790 The Ticket is undefeated in 2011 and has won its time slot dating back over a year now. Sid Rosenberg had competative showings in January and July, but outside of that it hasn't been very close in the afternoon drive battle.

Those are the facts. You can discuss them at your leisure.





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It's no secret that Miami has the stupidest sports fanbase in America. Dan LeBatard is their ambassador via ESPN.


I listen to both 790 and 560 depending on what each host is talking about. Morning show is a tie, I like both Sedano and Rose, but I find Sedano a little to high energy sometimes (one too many Jackface comments lol) , but joe doesn't venture too far out of his comfort zone to talk about a lot of sports outside of miami. I actually like white/torreta show over Cowherd. Cowherd, while entertaining, can often times feel like he's lecturing you. I have a hard time listening to Irvins show, it always sounds like he's deep in thought and trys way to hard to sound like everything he says is philisophical. Come on mike, I'm in the car for 15 minutes at a time, spit it out. Dan wins over Sid, but occasionally Sid will get a good guest and he does have amazing recall of past games and players. But like others have said, as soon as I hear, OK GUYs... from stugotz, I change to Sid or Big O until they come back on.


LOL @ Regurgitating Sid's thoughts on Miami Sports Fans. If you can plagarize, so can I.

It's no secret that Sid has the stupidest sports fanbase in America. D is their ambassador via Miami Herald Blogs.


You know Shid Head is reading this. If you all thinks he sucks so much why do you still listen. I will lister to Toretta. But even when Shid Head has spots on that show I will change stations. He's not funny nor cleaver Is just me or did he seem to glorify his drug use? Keep telling YOURSELF how great you are


Sid can be obnoxious, but I think you're going a bit overboard. If you don't like him, turn the channel. He makes it pretty clear to any listener what type of show he is doing. You shouldn't be suprised hearing about New York, politics, and how bad florida fans are. Besides, look at how fast Sid hijacked Sedano's article. All he had to do is post. That's all it took to get under your skin.

And the previous poster no better think "you're clever" by calling Sid a shid head and then hiding behind internet anominity. Real mature..


What is anominity?


I'm an Aussie living in Sydney and I listen to LeBatard every day on The podcast and I've got a bunch of my mates into it as well. So D I suppose technically I'm south of countyline rd but. Still disproves your hater talk

Bad Radio Host

Onnoxios balding self promoting (ad nausem) mid day radio host


This dude thinks he played hoops and knows ball. He could not even play high school bball. Love to see him do a show in New York

Big cranky jim

No doubt 790 has done the unthinkable and taken over sports radio in sofla, I never even listen to wqam anymore outside of flipping to Joe rose once in awhile when sedano starts getting too whiney. I agree with an earlier post on the sports brothers, they are horrible and from 1-3 I don't listen at all. I switch to music because micheal Irvin is terrible on wqam as well. If 790 could have kept Sid in the midday from 1-3, but I think his ego is to big for that, they would completely dominate sports talk.


How can i get involved with the ratings? I prefer Dan's show but when ever baseball or that snake sampson comes on i switch to Sid and pretty much stay there until his commercial break. I also do the same with Jorge and Joe... eventhough i prob. will listen Joe more now during football season becasue he covers High school football. You couldnt pay me to listen to the playmakers show.


I like most folks bounce around the sports stations in the area. I moved here from Michigan were the sports talk used to be good until one station completely tanked their line up (thanks DFN).

There are good shows out there and bad ones. Each sports talk show has good days and bad days. There are days Jorge is on point and other days Jorge is awful.

I bounce between him and Joe in the mornings and in the afternoons I bounce between Sid and That weird guy on 610 A.M.

Dan and Stu are not my style of show, and the Sports Brothers while being weak, are light years ahead of the non English speaking Michael Irvin.

All my opinion, I am one listener. Sometimes I listen to Paul Finebaum until both Auburn and Alabama fans go overboard, which takes about an hour of them saying the NCAA is going to give the death penalty to each other (Calling Tammy and Legend, the pride of Dixie!).

We all like what we like, today's hit station is tomorrow's flop. I remember Jorge used to be on Fox overnight with Karen and with weird callers like Otis in Austin and I think Silk Brah called in once or twice.


Dan didnt leave Miami fr NY , only heartless wussys leave town. Cant cut it , simply , if they could they would b there.
Also as long as Armando and his woman high pitch voice isnt being listened to after al the promoting he does
Im good , as is the rest f south florida.

Jorges Brother

Jorge sounds like a cool guy but loves to tell people that they need to listen better which strokes his ego a bit. He covers sports pretty well but would compare him to a younger version of Dan. Dan and Stu need to bring back the callers tired of hearing them the entire show.


Would love to see if this guy played any high school sports, and I am talking played not sat on the bench


when are they going to run Sid out of town. his show is virtually impossible to listen to. i used to like 560 more than lebetard but now the only time i will listen to Sid is during one of stugot's commercials.

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