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Postgame reaction from Heat-Celtics Game 6

Postgame reaction from Thursday’s season-saving Heat Game 6 win in Boston:

### LeBron James became the first player with 45 points, 15 rebounds and 5 assists in a playoff game since Wilt Chamberlain in 1964. Nobody else in NBA history has done that in a playoff game.

James' postgame thoughts: "I'm happy we were able to put together a complete game for the first time this series. This was a gut check for us.. I was happy I was able to make some plays offensively and defensively. You just try to keep the pedal down. I felt like I was aggressive from the opening tip. I've felt like that a few times in this postseason. It's a great feeling, when you feel like everything you're putting up is going in.

"I wasn't going to feel sorry for myself tonight. I didn't need any extra motivation in this game. I just went to my habits I built since I started playing this game. If two or three guys come to me, I'm very good at math. [That means] somebody is open."

Can he do it again in a Game 7? "I don't know. I'll continue to play at a high level, like I've done the whole postseason.... I will not regret Game 7. I will go in with the mindset I've had the whole season."

### Heat coach Erik Spoelstra: “It was a tremendous response. Nobody likes getting dirt thrown on your face before you’re not even dead. This is a very stubborn, tough-minded group. We’ve been through a lot….

“LeBron was absolutely fearless tonight, and it was contagious. The way he approached the last 48 hours, and not only LeBron, but everybody else. He came out with an attack mentality. He is arguably the most skilled player in the league.

“I told LeBron yesterday it would be at least 46 minutes [he would play]. He was ready and willing, said, ‘Whatever you need, coach.’ What fuels him is this moment. The moment will define you.”

### Spoelstra, on Dwyane Wade: “He had a big chore defensively, was disrupting a lot of things. He couldn’t get the ball to drop down, but he was getting cleaner looks than he had been early in the series.”

### Wade: "Tonight was probably our biggest win together for this team, a defining moment for this team."

Wade said this was the best he has ever seen James: "LeBron did it all tonight. He was locked in like I've never seen him before. We just gave him the ball and got out of the way. When he has it going that way, you want to keep feeding him. He's MVP and he's showcasing it on a nightly basis. It's a joy to watch. We have to help him a lot more.

"I tried to wait for my opportunity. I had a couple shots early that I missed that I normally make. My job early on was to try to make it tough on Rondo, so we didn't have to pull as many triggers. When it was called upon me to make a couple baskets, I was able to do it."

### Wade, looking ahead to Saturday night: "[Game 7] is going to be a knockout after knockout after knockout game. Hopefully, we're standing at the end. Certain shots hopefully I'll make that I missed tonight. If not, I'll still make an impact on the game. I'm not a one-dimensional player." 

### Mario Chalmers, on James: "He talked in shootaround how he wanted to lead us."

### Celtics coach Doc Rivers: "It was a matter of too much LeBron. He was absolutely sensational. Set the tone for their whole team. I didn't think we played him with a lot of force. He made great shots, but we can play better defense.... Our guys should take that very personal.... Now I hope you guys will stop talking about LeBron doesn't play [well] in big games. That's dead."

### More Rivers, on his team's dreadful showing: "We never established what we wanted to offensively. They played with more force. We missed a lot of open shots. It was fool's gold. It wasn't the shots we wanted, even if they were open. Give them credit [but] it was a lot of us. We didn't play like us. Each guy wanted to win the game for us. I didn't like the way we played offensively. All night, they were into our airspace and we allowed it. The ball just stuck most of the game. Paul Pierce will bounce back. He's a big-game player....

"The good news is we get to do it again. The bad news is we have to do it on the road. We're comfortable on the road. We're just going to have to play a hell of a game.... Did you hear our crowd the last three minutes of the game [cheering for the Celtics]? What other crowd in the NBA does that?"

Rivers said his players were still feeling confident about their chances in Game 7: "They're not just going to pack for Sunday. They're going to bring suits for Tuesday and Thursday [for the NBA Finals]." 

### Celtics guard Ray Allen: "We got in the locker-room after the game, and everyone talked about being better. There was a great sense of disappointment among everybody. Anger. But I know my guys will be ready next game."