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Monday afternoon update from Dolphins coach Joe Philbin

Some quick hits from coach Joe Philbin’s news conference Monday:

### On Ryan Tannehill’s status (sprained knee, bruised quad), Philbin was predictably non-committal. He said on the plane ride home from New York, Tannehill expressed optimism about being able to play next Sunday at the Colts.

Is Philbin optimistic? “I don’t know much, but it was a good conversation on the plane.” Asked if snaps might be altered in practice to give more work to third-stringer Pat Devlin, he said: "It's too early to predict what's going to happen."

Would Philbin be inclined to play him Sunday at Indianapolis if he isn’t 100 percent? “You have to make a decision: Can the guy function and do the job asked of him? Either he can do the job or he can’t. You would love the guy to be 100 percent.”

He said he did not consider putting Tannehill back in the game Sunday against the Jets.

The Dolphins on Monday were awaiting MRI results for Tannehill, but were optimistic about it not being serious.

### On Matt Moore’s play: “I’m happy for him. The guy’s a professional. He’s extremely well respected by the staff and the players in the locker room. I’m not surprised he played well.”

### Philbin said Moore, during a normal week, takes 10 percent of practice snaps “at the max.”

### On Jabar Gaffney’s play: “I thought he did a good job. Marlon Moore made a great individual effort” on his sprawling catch.

### He loves how his players relish playing special teams. “The guys like being a part of it – they look forward to it – they have some enthusiasm.”

### Philbin, on the way his roster “is built”:  “We’re not a super high scoring offense as we speak. We’re going to get better as the year goes on. The defense is playing well in the red zone. We’ve got a pretty darn good punter.”

### Philbin said he wasn’t “overly concerned” when Richard Marshall went out with a back injury three weeks ago and “I’m pleased with the development of the secondary.” 

### Daniel Thomas "ran the ball hard. He played pretty decisively. He’s quick. There isn’t a lot of dancing."

### On developing a reputation for being daring (fake punt in the Rams game, onside kick early in the Jets game), Philbin said: "Daring is not usually associated with me. We felt like it’s the right thing [to try the onside kick]. We have meetings and discuss them, and sometimes it’s an opportune time to utilize them – sometimes we’ll think that and the other team does a better job and it’s not going to work. As long as there’s a good thought process to what we do, as long as you have a why. We were fortunate they worked.

### On Miami’s next opponent: “I don’t know a ton about Indy. They must be pretty good. They are winning some tough games.”

### On the state of his team: "I’m proud of them. Try to stay as even as you can. Try to enjoy it while you can." But he's far from satisfied: "We've made a ton of mistakes - players and coaches."

Check back later for updates, including the Monday press conference with the Dolphins' coordinators.