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Another Marlin expects to be traded; Canes investigation, Heat chatter


The two most pedigreed Marlins who survived the tumultuous offseason – and then vented on Twitter --- probably won’t be here long-term. But Ricky Nolasco indicated this week he will be a good soldier, and the Marlins expect Giancarlo Stanton will, too.

Stanton almost assuredly will be here longer than Nolasco.

“I feel pretty sure I’ll be traded sometime before the deadline. It all depends on how I pitch,” Nolasco, due $11.5 million in 2013 (the last year of his contract), said this week at Jeff Conine’s golf event to raise money for Joe DiMaggio Children’s Hospital.

The Marlins do not plan to trade Stanton anytime soon, but an official in close touch with their front office said the Marlins know he prefers to play out West eventually (the Dodgers, Padres or Angels would be a good bet) and, barring a change of heart by Stanton, the Marlins will consider a trade next winter as he nears free agency after 2016. Or the Marlins could wait until 2015 or ’16, but they don’t want to lose him for nothing.

Stanton will make about $500,000 this season but could earn $8 million in 2014 when he becomes arbitration-eligible.

Stanton hasn’t spoken to Marlins writers but said “yeah” when asked by USA Today last week if he’s still angry: “It’s tough. You’re not always happy with some things that go on. That’s life. There’s nothing I can do.” He told the Los Angeles Times: “I’ve said I was upset. [But] you can’t be hoping you’re on other teams.”

Stanton tweeted “Alright, I’m pissed off!!!” after the Marlins’ salary-dumping trade with Toronto, and Nolasco tweeted: “You gotta be [expletive, expletive] me” after Ozzie Guillen was fired – a tweet he said this week he does not regret.

Agent Matt Sosnick said in December than Nolasco wants to be traded. But Nolasco, the likely opening day starter, indicated this week he’s fine with being here, believing he’s likely to be dealt at some point in the coming months.

Asked if he’s still angry, he said: “No. I’m moving on. It’s nothing to be angry about anymore. I had a certain reaction to [the offseason moves], but whatever they do is their problem, their business. I’m going to handle it in a professional way and not let it distract me.

“I’m grateful for the contract I got here and am looking forward to finishing it out on a positive note. I love the city, the organization, the stadium and the fans. I’m excited about it. There are some very talented players on this team. It just depends on how they progress.”

Marlins executive Larry Beinfest said he never expected “a lot of our players would be happy with some of the moves” but predicts Stanton and Nolasco “are going to perform and be good Marlins. You’re talking about good people.”

### Former Dolphins quarterback bust Pat White, a second-team All-American as a high-school baseball player, told WMEN-640's Orlando Alzugaray on Thursday that he has an offer from the Marlins to attend minor-league camp but has neither accepted nor rejected it. White told reporters at the Senior Bowl that he wants another NFL shot, but feels strongly about playing quarterback.


### UM was made fully aware of the contents of its not-yet-delivered notice of allegations more than a week ago. And before NCAA president Mark Emmert’s bombshell Wednesday, UM and the NCAA spent several days haggling over how some violations would be characterized and how Nevin Shapiro attorney Maria Elena Perez’s deposition with Sean Allen – which will likely be tossed out – would affect the case. UM only very recently learned that Shapiro’s attorney was paid.

### One person said before the case was sidetracked, the NCAA’s allegations against UM were “worse than a slap on the wrist but not as bad as they could have been.”

### UM officials are furious by the NCAA’s conduct – “outrageous,” one said --- but also optimistic this will mitigate punishment. One official said “the integrity of the whole investigation has been tainted” and that UM is hoping Emmert will agree to settle on UM-friendly terms. But Emmert hasn't offered a settlement yet, and there's no indication if he will.

### Emmert, when I asked him if he had a problem with the NCAA telling former players that Shapiro’s claims against them would be believed if they don’t agree to interviews, said: “One of the components of this inquiry I’m conducting is to look at all the tactics and processes involved in this case.” He said he then will decide whether that ultimatum was “inappropriate.” UM hasn’t complained about it.

### Besides the Allen and Michael Huyghue depositions that will be tossed, Shapiro’s attorney tried for months to get a third person to speak under oath – former basketball booster Dave Leshner – with the hope he would implicate UM. But unlike Allen and Huyghue, Leshner refused to speak.

### The lighter side: With the Heat visiting the White House on Monday, Chris Bosh said Thursday he wouldn’t deliver a hard foul to President Obama (which Joakim Noah did in a 2010 White House pickup game) because “the Secret Service is there and I don’t want to wake up in the back of a truck.”

Bosh, who has met Obama twice, said: “I don’t want to talk about basketball” with him. OK then.

James has been with Obama four times --- James called him “cool” – and noted “the first time you’re around him, you’re in awe of being around the President.”

Wade has talked to Obama “multiple times” and was surprised, when Michael Beasley was on the team, that Obama asked him, “Man, what’s up with Beas?” Said Wade: “It’s cool to have a President that loves the same sport you love.”…

Wade cracked that Bosh was never invited to play with Obama early in 2010 because: “He was in Toronto at the time. The President has never seen a Raptor game.”

### Please look on the sports home game for my full Heat report from Thursday, including notes on Chris Andersen, Dwyane Wade and a look at one of the areas where the Heat has improved most from the start of the Big Three era.