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Wednesday night tidbits: Michael Beasley, Dolphins, Hurricanes

 ### Talked to a Phoenix Suns person tonight who said two of Michael Beasley’s biggest problems last season were ones familiar to Heat fans: Hogging the ball at times (which frustrated teammates and his two head coaches) and deficient defense. He said teams often went to the player Beasley was defending to exploit that matchup.

### His efficiency and shooting percentage have either stayed the same or gone down every year. He shot 47.2 percent as a rookie, then 45, 45, 44.5 and 40.5 last season with Phoenix.

### He’s best from mid-range, shooting 46.1 percent from 10 to 16 feet last season, but just 30.6 percent from 3 to 10, and 34.9 from 16 feet to the three-point line. He shot just 31.3 percent on threes last season, 34.5 percent in his career.

### His metrics in games when he plays 20 minutes or fewer are much worse than games when he plays more --- which is largely the result of the fact that coaches will play him less if he gets off to a bad start. (In his Heat career, he shot 33 percent with 41 turnovers and 12 assists on nights he played fewer than 20 minutes.) But you wonder how he would do playing limited minutes, should it even reach that point here. He didn’t play well in Phoenix when his minutes were cut.

### If he simply makes the team but doesn’t grab a rotation spot, he essentially would be competing with James Jones and Rashard Lewis for the sporadic minutes that Mike Miller received. If he somehow becomes much closer to what everyone thought he would as the No. 2 overall pick out of Kansas State (and that seems highly unlikely at this stage), he could conceivably take some of Udonis Haslem’s minutes.

### At least last season he scored 32 points in 49 minutes against Chicago, 20 in 41 against Indiana!

### Beasley remains under investigation for sexual assault in Scottsdale, Arizona, for a January incident at his home. Phoenix released him after his arrest this summer for suspicion of drug possession. 

### Kudos to Yahoo’s exceptional NBA reporter, Adrian Wojnarowski, for sniffing out this story over the weekend. When Woj reported Saturday that the Heat was considering signing Beasley, the team denied it to our newspaper, the Sun Sentinel, Palm Beach Post and the Associated Press, saying Miami had no interest in Beasley and prompting numerous reports to that effect.

Five days later, the Heat decided to sign him – despite last month’s marijuana arrest – after meeting with him, because the risk was so low (one-year, non-guaranteed deal at the $1 million minimum).

### Only $789,000 of Beasley’s salary would count against the salary cap, but keeping him all season would cost more than $2.5 million in luxury tax payments, in addition to his salary.

### Colts owner Jim Irsay, angry his team allowed four sacks against Oakland on Sunday, today tweeted: “I DEMAND better” pass protection Sunday against the Dolphins, who had six sacks against Cleveland. “The Fish CAN and WILL bring the heat,” Irsay tweeted. “We’ve got to man up and confront HEAT with NASA like Heat shield.”

OK then.

### Cameron Wake, on a conference call with Dolphins season-ticket holders tonight: “I feel like a kid in a candy store with all the new acquisitions.” He called Olivier Vernon “the most improved player we have.”… When a fan asked him what game he has circled on the schedule -– and ordered him not to say “one game at a time,” –- Wake said the two Jets games.

### Dolphins receiver Brandon Gibson, also on that conference call, pointed to two keys to Sunday’s game: “getting explosive in the running game” and “chipping on” and giving extra attention to ace Colts pass-rusher Robert Mathis.

### Every Dolphins starting offensive linemen allowed a sack, except Mike Pouncey, in Week 1, and Jonathan Martin also gave up four hurries.

### With Mike Wallace not pleased about catching only one pass last week, will Ryan Tannehill target him more Sunday?

“I’m going to play the quarterback position the way the coaches install the plays,” he said today. “We’re going to try and get him the ball when he’s in the play, but we’re not going to force him the ball.” But he said Wallace is back to “his same old self, practicing hard, joking around. He’s great.”

### UM’s Al Golden continued a series of national interviews today, and ESPN Radio’s Colin Cowherd asked if he believes the program has turned the corner with Saturday’s win. “No,” he said, adding he told the team: “The biggest thing is we really haven’t achieved anything yet.”

But one thing has changed. “We [had] lost our way, what the University of Miami was about. What people lost in the translation is this” program, historically, “was one of the hardest working teams in America, one of the toughest teams in America. The practice was quite often harder than the game.” The program is returning to that mentality.

### Golden told Cowherd: “We felt we were going to win all week” last week. There has been no media access to players during this bye week, but Golden assures: “We’ve been practicing like crazy. We’re getting a lot of young guys better, working on things Florida exposed.”