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LeBron opens up on place in history, adversity, why he felt snubbed

LeBron James agreed to sit down for a 60-minute interview with former Heat guard Steve Smith. The conversation will air at 9 p.m. next Monday on NBA TV, but the network shared some notable remarks from James in advance:

### On who belongs on the NBA's Mount Rushmore of the four greatest player: James named Michael Jordan, Larry Bird and Magic Johnson and said the fourth is "so tough" before naming Oscar Robertson.

Are you up there? "Yes, because I'll be one of the top four guys that every played this game, for sure," he said. "Someone's got to get bumped."

### On how Kevin Durant motivates him: “The way he plays the game every single night is very inspiring, and it’s motivating… Obviously, we know he’s going to be one of the greatest scorers to ever play this game, but the way he plays, just so joyous and happy, and it's like he's a kid back in Maryland. And I feel like when I'm on the floor, I'm a kid back in Akron.”

### On a difficult stretch during his first season in Miami: “We were 9-8… We were out of sync and me and ‘D-Wade’ were looking at each other like, ‘Did we make the right choice, man? Is this what we really wanted?’”

### On being overlooked for the Kia Defensive Player of the Year Award: “To be honest, I feel I’ve been snubbed two years in a row, and I’m serious.  And that’s one selfish thing about me… I feel like I should have won it.” 

### On how the Heat turned the course: “'D-Wade’ came to me and was like, ‘Man, I think in order for us to be great you have to be ‘The Guy’… In order for us to accomplish what we want to accomplish while we are playing together, you have to be the guy you were in Cleveland on this team’… You want me to take the keys? He was like ‘absolutely’… that’s when I was like, this guy [Wade], that’s special.” 

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