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5 p.m. Heat nuggets: Whiteside, Haslem, Chalmers, Draft; Dolphins, Marlins, Canes

A few quick Heat notes:

### Throughout the playoffs, teams have tried to exploit poor free throw shooters, such as the Clippers’ DeAndre Jordan and the Rockets’ Dwight Howard.

Hassan Whiteside apparently doesn’t want to put the Heat in that compromising position next season.

So when Whiteside was asked Thursday what his offseason point of emphasis will be, the first thing he mentioned was “really work on free throws a lot more.”

Whiteside –-- who also mentioned improving his “post moves, the spins, the lobs,” --- shot only 50 percent on free throws last season (78 for 156), 11th-worst among players who appeared in at least half their teams’ games.

Conversely, Whiteside ranked fifth overall in field goal percentage at 62.8, among players who appeared in at least 41 games.

Whiteside finished fourth in Most Improved Player of the Year voting.

“I knew it was going to be tough for me to win that award because I didn’t play that many games," he said. "But I won the Most Improved Life award, just coming from where I came from. I [couldn’t] care less about [Most Improved Player].

Whiteside --- one of several players appearing at the annual Heat Academy celebration, which includes Carnival Corporation contributing $160,000 toward college scholarships --- said this “is the first time I’ve had a summer where I know I’m going to be on a team next year. It’s really peace of mind. I’m willing to continue to work and keep building on last year. It’s really satisfying, feels great to know I’m going to be there next year.”

Whiteside also plans to spend time at the P3 camp in Santa Barbara, working against other big men.

### Not playing deep into May and beyond, for the first time in five years, has been a strange experience for Heat players.

Mario Chalmers said he has watched only one playoff game (Game 3 of the Bulls-Cavaliers series) and Udonis Haslem less than a quarter of the entire postseason.

“It feels kind of weird, so I really can’t watch it, not yet,” Chalmers said.

Haslem’s reason for tuning out?  “I’m not really interested,” he said. “I know who’s not going to win. It ain’t us.”

Haslem, instead, has spent time with family, working out, and (no kidding)  alligator hunting with Chris Andersen.

“It was my first time; I was a little too anxious,” Haslem said. “They told me to wait, but I shot the first gator I saw. I’m going to try [eating it]. And I’m going to make some shoes or a wallet.”

### Chalmers said bulking up will be difficult at his size “but I definitely want to get stronger. That’s one of my main focuses.”

### Arizona small forward Stanley Johnson, who would be a possibility for the Heat if Miami drafts 10th on June 25, called himself “the best player in the draft” during interviews at the Chicago pre-draft camp on Thursday. The Heat will learn its draft predicament at Tuesday night's lottery.

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