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Midnight: Pat Riley addresses Wade & other issues; Coach K believes Winslow is another D-Wade; Analysts assess Winslow and Heat's second-round pick; Dolphins, UM, Marlins

The Friday buzz column, with lots of reaction on the Heat's draft picks, is below. First, here's what Pat Riley had to say during a midnight news conference:

### Riley said "we have not received any information" from Dwyane Wade and Luol Deng about whether they will opt out and become free agents before Monday night's deadline.

"We don't know if they're going to opt in or not," he said.

"I do believe they love Miami," he said of Wade, Deng and Goran Dragic. "They love this franchise. We'll try to make a deal. That's what it's about."

### Riley, on Wade's situation: "We want Dwyane back. There is no doubt about that.... He's been here 12 years. We have corgial conversations with him. We talk to his agent a lot about other players he may represent in the draft. There haven't been any real discussions about anything because that can't take place until 12:01 on July 1."

### Asked if it's advantageous for Wade to opt in, Riley said: "When a player has an opportunity to be a free agent, you give him the space and the time to think about that. I don't care how long he's been with the franchise. We love Dwyane. He's probably alongside Alonzo.... Dwyane is a pillar. He has been part of the root structure and foundation of this franchise for 12 years. I know what we can talk about in that sense. You have to give players the space. On July 1, we'll be the first ones he'll get to talk to and we'll go from there."

### Asked if Wade feels disrespect, Riley said: "That hasn't been expressed to us. I've read some things. That hasn't been expressed to us, and if it is, it would be a personal conversation with Dwyane and with Micky [Arison] or Nick [Arison] and myself if there are any of those kinds of issues.

"Everybody in this organization over the years has sacrificed and I would have to say the one player from that standpoint that has sacrificed a lot for the sake of winning has been him. We're aware of that. But I haven't heard anything [about] disrespect. We respect him. We want him back, want him here for the rest of his career. That's obvious. We will try to do everything we can do to make that happen."

### Is Riley concerned Wade might not come back? "I'm not a pessimist when it comes to that," Riley said. "We have a lot to offer here with all of our free agents, not just Dwyane but Goran and Luol [Deng]. Everybody knows with the injuries we had last year, having the 10th pick in the draft. Really, I don't think we're a 10th pick in the draft team with the kind of roster we can put together if healthy and contend in the East. I think they're aware of that. Players want to win.

"Whatever I think today is really irrelevant. I want all of them to come back. I would like to be able to make a deal with all of these players and keep the team we built last year together and we'll find that out July 1. And we'll have eight or nine days to deal with that. Before that, it's really speculation. Everybody should just chill a little bit until July 1. There's been a lot written out there."

### Riley disputed ESPN and CBS reports that the Heat is trying to trade veterans to slash payroll to ease the tax burden they would incur re-signing Wade and Dragic.

"No, not really any truth [to that]," Riley said. "In the draft, a lot of players are being discussed. A lot of players being moved. There hasn't been any real discussion with that. We like the team we have. We don't like to add by subtraction.

"We have a good team and we could have a great team if we can put everything together. There have been a couple situations that went on [of trimming payroll with] Mike Miller and Joel Anthony. This is also a business as much as it is about basketball. But right now, we're not actively doing anything but getting ready for July 1."

### On Dragic: "I feel confident this is where he wants to be. He knew how much we gave up for him. He wants to here. He let me know that in the exit meeting. There hasn't been any discussion. He's in Slovenia with his wife, who's expecting in a month and a half. Other than some texts back and forth about her condition, there hasn't been anything else."

### Riley, on Winslow: "It was somewhat of a surprise [that he fell]. We didn't think he was going to be there at 10. We scouted him. It reminds me of what happened with Caron Butler.... It's a great day for us and a great day for our fans. A very positive pick for us.

"Justise is an incredible, very mature, young at 19, player that anybody that has watched him play can see that he's not only athletic, but he's a playmaker, a multiple position player.

"We had him very high on our board. We're very fortunate he got to us. If all these guys come back, he just adds to the depth we're going to have. He's a very mature guy who loves to work.

"Justise can guard four positions. I think you saw something in the Finals this year that was a little different when you had a 6-7 forward [Draymond Green] playing center. Justise is similar to Draymond Green. He shoots over 40 percent on threes, great rebounder, can bust out on dribbles and go coast to coast.

"You are going to see an extremely versatile team next year with the players we have."

Riley raved about Winslow's play during the NCAA Tournament. "On the biggest stage he performs at that level as a freshman with no fear of playing on that stage. It's unlimited where this guy can go. There's a lot he needs to improve as young players do. What I like about him the most is he's an attacker. He wants to attack the rim.

"To have a player that is that aggressive and also a guy that can take threes and make threes in games, you will find development possibilities in his mid-range game. You will find out whether or not if he can really handle pick and rolls as a ball handler. He likes to reject a lot of those screens and sort of attack the rim. He's also a post-up player with his size, weight, leverage and strength. Will that translate into a player that you can take down into the post in the NBA? I think it will. What I like about him is he defends....

"Of all the players we talked to, every single person we talked to --- all they did was compliment him about his work ethic and the amount of time he spends in June in the weight room. When you're picking 10 but you don't think this kid is even going to be close to you isn't going to drop to you and he drops down, you get some palpitations. Micky [Arison] and Nick [Arison] started singing the Duke fight song, whatever it is. They're pretty excited with all the connections they have with Duke and that whole program we have great respect for."

### Riley on the Heat's second-round pick, Tennessee shooting guard Josh Richardson: "We had Josh Richardson on our board in the first round. We got two very good athletes, two wing players, at a position we do need to fill. Josh was an all-defensive team two years in a row in the SEC. We have two guys who can really defend people and two guys who can score."

### Riley said there was a "big we really liked to" that was taken earlier. That might be Willie Cauley Stein, who went to Sacramento sixth.

### Riley mentioned the game the Heat lost in Milwaukee in late March when Khris Middleton hit a three-pointer at the buzzer. That ultimately sent the Heat to the lottery.

"Today we had the chance to draft No. 10. I don't think we're a No. 10 draft pick team," Riley said. "We're better than that. Today, I can thank Kris Middleton in Milwaukee. That was a bad day for us. Today, we can thank him for making that shot with .8 seconds to go. We got a break. We need them in this game."  



Note: Please scroll down for several updates tonight, including details on Miami's second-round pick.... Updates below are preceded by time of update.

In Justise Winslow, does the Heat have another Dwyane Wade? That’s what Duke coach Mike Krzyzewski told ESPN’s Jay Bilas last fall.

Some feedback from analysts on Winslow, selected 10th overall by Miami in Thursday’s NBA Draft:

### Bilas: “In the preseason,… Krzyzewski told me that Winslow was Dwyane Wade. That floored me, because Coach K is not an exaggerator with regard to players. Winslow is strong, super athletic and an attacking wing who can hit from 3-point distance in catch and shoot situations [but] has to improve three-point shooting [overall].

“Outstanding defender and can block shots in spectacular fashion at the end of a break. Excellent in transition and a great finisher. Also very good in transition as a defender. In the open floor, he’s absolutely magnificent.

“He needs to work on his pull-up game, and he could refine his jump shot, but he is the best wing in this draft. Has 6-10 wingspan. Difficult to stop in transition. Plays bigger than his height (6-6)…. He has amazing timing to go up and block a shot, almost LeBron James like in his ability to do that. Not nearly as good [as LeBron].”

### ESPN.com’s Chad Ford: “I love Winslow; I tend to love players who play with his type of toughness and motor. Players like him do so many things that can’t be quantified in the box score. He reminded me more of Michael Kidd-Gilchrist than Wade, however…. I wonder whether he has Wade’s elite scoring instincts or is quite on par with Wade’s explosive athletic ability. I wonder whether he’ll be known more for his defense than his offense.”

### ESPN’s Fran Fraschilla projects him as a shooting guard, not a small forward: “An elite athlete with speed, strength. Winner, high character guy. Shot the ball well from three [41.6 percent], especially late in the year.

“The flip side is how much was it done at the 12 games at the end of the year where he was playing power forward for Coach K. Bigger, slower guys were trying to stay in front of him and it was an impossible task. He benefitted from great exposure in the NCAA Tournament.”

Fraschilla said Winslow also benefitted by playing a lot of power forward in college: “A coach will have to play him creatively offensively. He’s a freight train offensively in transition but a lot of that happened with 6-9 players flying by him. He doesn’t have a midrange game right now. Everything was standstill on threes, nothing off the dribble. I have seen noticeable improvement on his outside shooting, though.”

### ESPN’s Jalen Rose likened Winslow to former NBA standout Ron Artest and says Winslow will be better than players selected earlier tonight: “Ability to play multiple positions. Toughness to compete at any time. This reminds me of when Wade got drafted behind Darko Milicic…. This is why Pat Riley continues to win.”

### ESPN's Shane Battier, another former Duke player: "Absolutely love the pick. Worker and competitor and champion."

### (10:10 update): Here's what Winslow told fans at the Heat's draft party at AmericanAirlines Arena: "Going to South Beach. Miami Heat organization, Pat Riley, I'm so excited to go down there and try to win a championship. Winning is what I like to do. That's the reason I wanted to go to Duke. Trying to go to the next level now and trying to bring some championships to Miami.....

"I'm a guy that really prides myself on my defense. Offensively, I'm a guy that can do it all, knock down open jump shots, going to the rack, making winning basketball plays. To go 10 to an organization like the Heat is a blessing... Pat Riley was just as excited as me. It was my first time talking [to him]. It's a blessing."

Winslow's stats in his one year at Duke: 12.6 points, 6.5 rebounds, 2.1 assists, 1.9 turnovers and 29.1 minutes. He shot 48.6 percent from the field but just 64.1 percent on free throws (100 for 156).

Winslow, 19, was terrific in the NCAA Tournament, averaging 14.3 points, 9.3 rebounds and shooting 50.9 percent from the field. He made 8 of 14 threes in the NCAA Tournament. He had 11 points and nine boards in 32 minutes against Wisconsin in the national title game.

"I wanted to make the most of the opportunity," he said. "When lights got brighter, I shined even brighter. That's something I prided myself on. Knowing when the team needs me, to put the team on my back and come up big in the big moments."

### (10:50 p.m. update): Winslow, in his conference call with writers here in the Heat's media room: "This is an organization that wants to win right now. That's what I'm accustomed to doing. To be part of an organization that's winning now, that's an environment I will really be able to thrive in. I'm really excited to meet all the guys, meet Pat Riley. Just so excited [to be drafted by the Heat]."...

"My maturity has helped me become a great player. Learning how to be a professional from Coach K, on and off the court." He said from playing in the spotlight at Duke, "I have a pretty easy job transitioning to the NBA."

He said he had no personal contact at all with the Heat during the draft process... On his development as a shooter: "I've always been confident in my shooting. I want to do it all. I want to score. I want to find different ways to score. My vision is being a well-rounded guy who can do everything."

### Winslow's agent at Roc Nation told me last week that he spoke to the Heat throughout the process but that Winslow didn't come to South Florida to work out for the Heat.... Winslow's father Rickie played collegiately at Houston (1983-87) and was a member of the famed Phi Slamma Jama team that included Hakeem Olajuwon and Clyde Drexler.

### (11:40 update): Tennessee 6-6 shooting guard Josh Richardson, the Heat's second-round pick at No. 40, averaged 16.0 points, 4.5 rebounds and 3.6 assists last season, shooting 46.1 percent overall and 35.9 percent on threes (46 for 128). He shot only 18 for 80 on threes over his first two seasons but increased his percentage to 34.0 and 35.9 the past two seasons.

Richardson was first-team All SEC as a senior and was a defensive All-American. He was needed to play point guard at times last season and can do it. As a bonus, he also plays classical piano.

Bilas, on Richardson: "A long winspan. A wing defender. A guy who can really run the floor. Terrific speed. Not great with his ball skills. Has improved his shooting. Certainly not a great shooter. Has a little bit of an odd release. His value is as an athlete and defender."

Richardson worked out for the Heat on May 28.


### Quick update on last year’s Heat first-round pick: Though Shabazz Napier said he wants to play in Summer League in Orlando and Las Vegas next month, he is being cautious after sports hernia surgery because “I don't want to re-injure myself. Recovery is terrible. You’re dealing with the pain. After the surgery, I had to understand how to use my abs again. Everything you do is low abs.”

Napier’s game needs work. His 1.60 assist-to-turnover ratio ranked 87th of 97 point guards and he shot 38.8 percent from the field and 36 percent on jumpers.

Napier spoke of taking 500 shots a day but said he doesn’t need to work with a shooting coach. His confidence hasn’t eroded: “I know I am going to be a good NBA player.”

### Though Dwyane Wade has interest in the Lakers, Los Angeles is expected to target power forwards (LaMarcus Aldridge, Kevin Love) with their cap space after drafting point guard D’Angelo Russell to join Kobe Bryant in their backcourt.

### Please see the last post for details on why UM dismissed offensive tackle Taylor Gadbois today.

### Dolphins players have been effusive about how Ryan Tannehill has looked all offseason. Even the deep throws are improved. “Ryan is way better than last year and more of a leader,” tight end Dion Sims said.

### Not only has Giancarlo Stanton hit seven of the 12 longest home runs in baseball this season, but consider this: He has smacked 18 home runs that have traveled at a velocity of 115 MPH or higher. The next closest player has three. Remarkable… On the flip side, on pitches thrown at least 95 MPH by right-handers, Stanton is hitting .154, compared with .258 from 2010 through 2014, according to ESPN.

### Justin Nicolino gets a chance Friday to build on the best first start ever by a Marlins rookie pitcher (seven scoreless innings against the Reds), and his debut showed why the Marlins say they were never concerned about his lack of strikeouts (5.4 per nine innings in the minors). Nicolino averaged just 89 MPH on his fastball against the Reds but has great movement on his pitches: “I don’t need to throw 95 to get guys out. I was a big Tom Glavine fan and the change-up was huge for Glavine and Johan Santana. My change-up has saved me games. The Marlins see something in me and value it.”

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