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5 p.m.: Obama likes Heat; Zo's challenge to Whiteside; Wade on how he has changed; Spoelstra addresses issues; Dolphins nuggets

We'll have posts all day from Heat media day, plus some Dolphins fallout:

Please scroll down for Dolphins notes from Monday morning.

### Luol Deng met with President Obama alone for 20 minutes about the great work Deng has done in the South Sudan and he said Obama "believes this year with the pieces we have, he's really excited about watching the Heat and thinks we could do a lot of good things." 

He said Obama "wasn't happy" that he's no longer with the Bulls. Obama, of course, is a big Bulls fan.

### The Heat, as expected, signed journeymen guards Tre Kelly and John Lucas III, giving them the maximum 20 players for training camp.

### Hassan Whiteside said Alonzo Mourning said "I should focus on being Defensive Player of the Year. That’s one of my big focuses --- being the best defender in the NBA."


Here's what Erik Spoelstra had to say moments ago:

### On Hassan Whiteside: “He’s is in tremendous shape. Even for a player that has great strength and power near the rim, he also has the potential for versatility and speed and quickness to where the game is going. His body fat is at a career low. He can run up and down the floor and not get tired, like a guard would do it. He can leverage his strengths near the basket. He has worked on his game as consistent as anybody this summer.”

### On Goran Dragic: “A player who’s a rhythm player, attack player, a player who tries to facilitate, it’s really going to be an exciting experience for him. I was able to see him in July and then he came back after he and his wife had their first daughter. All of that will help him feel more at ease. He knows how we want to play. Goran is a guy that likes to feel comfortable in his environment…. You will see that translate into more comfort and success on the court.”

### On Justise Winslow: “I told him you don’t have to wait, you don’t have to get in line. What he has going is he has youth. He has a great conditioning level right now. He has an approach he’s going to attack this camp and respect the veteran players by showing them no respect on the court. I want him to attack it. Production will ultimately tell [his role].”

### On Chris Andersen: “He came in arguably in as good a shape for a training camp as he’s been with us. He lost some weight, which is so essential as you get further in your career [37]. He’s quicker. We love his contagious motor.”

### On Mario Chalmers, who has a more clarified role (backup point guard) after alternating between both guard spots and starting and backing up last season: “He’s had a very good summer too. He’s had work in conditioning, weight work. He’s motivated to be part of a team that has an opportunity. Clarity always breeds confidence. Hopefully Rio will wrap his mind and arms around the clarity. I care about Rio. We’ve been through so much as a rookie player, a rookie head coach to now we’re both veterans. I’m excited about his embracing this new role. I’m open to changing for more, better, wherever it could possibly go.”

### On the offense: “The operative word I’ve used is pace. We want to play at a pace that gets us up the court quickly. I have to leave room to adapt. The team will ultimately tell me.”

### Do they have enough three-point spacing? “We do feel comfortable with it. We may not be the most conventional and traditional of 3-point shooting teams that are out there. Who cares? Space and pace will be critical for this team. We have proven shooters. So while there may not be the type of 3-point shooting that will be competing in an NBA 3-point shooting contest, you don’t want to leave some of our guys open. They have enough of our resumes to make enough 3-point shots that hurt you. We’ll see if we can have some career-high shooting percentages. I’m not married to they have to be 3-point shots.”

### Overall: “We’re excited about this team and the expectations we have. I’m starting my 21st year here and every single year I’ve worked for Micky Arison and Pat Riley, we know what we’re trying to play for. We’re excited about the depth. We've added the essential and needed depth you need to compete for a title."

### As far as his rotation: "We’ve had some guys penciled in and we have four weeks to see how that plays out. This year we had time and focus and tremendous amount of energy going into this offseason.

"Our team has a nice blend of veteran experienced players, guys in their prime athletically and to have youthful exuberance. We like the roster. Most teams do right now.”

### On why they’re going to Boca Raton for training camp for five days: “This is a great opportunity to set the foundation for this season and get away. I like to spend all the in-between times together. This group will need it. We have new faces coming to camp.”

### On rest for older veterans during camp: “Any veteran player over 30 I’ll keep an eye on. I’ll be aware of Chris and all the players over 30 to move them forward. We have done an inordinate amount of planning. I’ll adjust as necessary. Communication will be at an all-time high among the coaching staff, training camp and players.”

### On recovering emotionally from a lottery year: “The pain of last year is about two weeks. You’re in a hole. You’re depressed. You throw on a playoff game and have so much regret.”


Highlights from Wade's session with reporters:

### His general thoughts entering the season: "I'm self-motivated. Where I come from, it's an honor for me to be going into my 13th year in the NBA. I've been broken, broken, broken and I'm still here. I work as hard as anybody to prepare myself for a season. I'm a different ballplayer than I was; no secret about that. But I'm an effective ballplayer being different.

"Last year was the year to me I reassured myself I'm still an elite player. Just a different game. Maybe not SportsCenter top 10 elite player but still... a you-better-look-at-me-in-the-scouting-report top player. I will strive to be that this year as well."

### Spoelstra said he plans to work the starting lineup of Wade, Goran Dragic, Luol Deng, Chris Bosh and Hassan Whiteside as a unit a lot in camp: "That's very important," Wade said. "We hopes everybody makes it through training camp and gets to the real thing. It's a great starting lineup. That doesn't guarantee us anything. What it is does is gives us an opportunity to have confidence. We hope we can make it one of the best starting fives in the league in production.

"There's only one basketball. Everyone is going to have to be as selfless as can be for us to be successful. You can't have the individual mind of, 'I'm going to do it. I'm going to do it.'... We'll see what kind of mentality our team has."

### On the Heat's style: "You want to be able to build a team for the first five. You want to build the game for the second five. We want to have different games for everyone to be successful. When you've got a guy like Hassan Whiteside, and you can go, let's go. When you have an opportunity where you need to slow it down and run offense, you want to feel your halfcourt talent is good enough as well.

"We have Goran; we want to be able to unleash him. I don't want to make that game where it's consistent. If not, we'll slow it down. Hopefully, we're efficient in that game as well."

### On his health: "I have a good offseason. Last year, it was missing games from my hamstring but I worked as hard as I could to make sure that's not the case this year."

### "Obviously, every team loves their team right now. Everybody thinks they have a chance. But we like what this season brought us. We had a pretty decent summer. We're able to add Gerald Green, Amare,... a  player coming in as a winner in Justise Winslow. To be able to get Josh McRoberts back, I obviously like that.... Now, we have to get behind closed doors and see how everything works....

"Everyone talks about how excited we are about our depth. But you've got to understand at times the depth will get in the way of your playing time. How are we going to get past that? Those are the things people don't look at that affect teams. We've got to be able to get over that hump."


A few things that stand out from Pro Football Focus' analysis of the Dolphins-Bills debacle and a couple other items:

### PFF gave an unspeakably bad grade to right guard Jamil Douglas (a minus 8.9). Can't remember seeing a grade that poor for an individual performance in a Dolphins game. He allowed six QB hurries and two hits. And PFF says his run blocking was even worse.

The other guard, Dallas Thomas, was given a minus 2.9 and allowed three hurries. The Dolphins' guard play has been consistently substandard through three games. What else is new?

### The gruesome numbers on the Dolphins pass defense: As poor as the defensive backs were, the linebackers were also atrocious in coverage. Kelvin Sheppard allowed the one pass thrown against him to be caught for 24 yards. Koa Misi, beaten by Charles Clay, allowed 3 of 4 to be caught for 53 yards....

Among cornerbacks, Brice McCain allowed 6 of 10 to be caught for 100 yards, Jamar Taylor 3 of 4 for 49 yards (that includes the Chris Hogan TD where Walt Aikens was out of position), Brent Grimes 3 of 3 for 14 yards and Zack Bowman 1 for 1 for 12 yards.

### Bill Lazor distributed receiver snaps by giving 60 (of 78) to Jarvis Landry, and in the 40s for everyone else: Greg Jennings (47, probably too many), Kenny Stills (41), DeVante Parker (42) and Rishard Matthews (40).

### Jonas Gray and Damien Williams each had 16 snaps behind Lamar Miller (44).

### Defensively, Cam Wake played 40 of the 65 defensive snaps, Olivier Vernon 41, Derrick Shelby 33 and Terrence Fede 24. Among d-tackles, Ndamukong Suh played 52, Earl Mitchell 37, CJ Mosley 21 and AJ Francis 11.

### Kevin Coyle went back to splitting time at middle linebacker, with Sheppard getting 26 snaps and Zach Vigil 15.

### For the second straight week, Chris McCain played just one defensive snap.

### At cornerback, Brent Grimes played 65, Jamar Taylor 42, Brice McCain 47 and Bowman 3. Michael Thomas got more safety snaps than Walt Aikens (40 to 24).

### PFF graded Brice McCain and Olivier Vernon worst among defensive players.

### What about that vaunted Dolphins d-line? Miami has one sack, tied with the Giants for fewest in the league. And only Cleveland has allowed more rushing yards than Miami's 435.

### Overall, the Dolphins' defense ranks 26th in yards allowed, 391 per game.

### The Dolphins' offense ranks 27th in points per game (just 17.0).

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