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ACC privately acknowledges that UM was victim of multiple bad calls against Duke

The ACC has privately acknowledged to UM that the Hurricanes were victimized by multiple bad officiating calls against Duke. Now the ACC needs to acknowledge this publicly.

How can the ACC justify releasing a statement Sunday saying that Duke was victimized by bad calls on the final play of the game but not publicly acknowledge the bad calls made against Miami?

I reported Tuesday that UM was angry and had complained to the ACC about a bunch of calls in that game --- not only some of the  school-record 23 penalties called against Miami, but also illegal picks that Duke was running on wheel routes.

Here's how UM athletic director Blake James explained the situation to some fans (Hurricane Club members and season ticket holders) in a letter today:

November 5, 2015

Dear Hurricane Supporters:

What an incredible, exhilarating and hard fought victory on Saturday in Durham! 

The eight-lateral, touchdown play which won the game will forever be cemented in college

football lore and in our storied history. 

The fact that the ACC publicly acknowledged officiating errors on the play does not, in any way, take away our victory

or our incredible spirit.   Some of you have emailed me this week, concerned about the wording of the ACC response as well as

the seemingly endless noise about The U not deserving the win.  I want to share briefly with you what has transpired since Saturday night.

Immediately after the game, I notified the conference office of my concerns regarding

the officiating of our game.  On Sunday morning, I had a conference call with

ACC Commissioner John Swofford and some of his staff, to discuss not only

the play in question, but my concerns regarding officiating throughout the game. 

Commissioner Swofford informed me that the league had determined that the officiating crew would be suspended for two weeks for officiating errors on the final play and that the conference would review the entire game film. 

Per ACC policy our football staff submitted the plays we believed were incorrectly

called as a matter of weekly protocol, and were notified by the league that multiple incorrect calls impacting our team occurred during the game, including a pass interference call on the final drive.

I spoke again with Commissioner Swofford on Monday, to voice my concern on

how this situation was being handled and the negative light it was creating for our institution.

  Rest assured, beginning just hours after our victory, the University was forceful yet respectful in our approach.

Earlier today we sent a formal letter to the conference office,

summarizing and reiterating our concerns, and now consider

this matter closed.  We have moved on to UVA and I am sure that all Canes will be ready to cheer on Coach Scott and our football players on Saturday!

Go Canes!

Blake James
Director of Athletics