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Tuesday UM football nuggets: Kaaya update; Elder on "The Play" three days later; notes

Some quick UM football notes:

### Interim coach Larry Scott said Brad Kaaya, who missed the Duke game with concussion symptoms, “did some things” in practice today and “looked good, [but] was limited” and said Kaaya is still going through the concussion protocol process.

He said Kaaya is questionable for Saturday’s game against Virginia, and Kaaya stopped short of saying he would definitely play. But the early signs are promising.

“I’m still taking a few brain tests,” Kaaya said. “I feel good. [Last week], it was hard to have mental clarity, mental sharpness. There was sensitivity to noise and light. I feel a lot better.”

Scott said Malik Rosier (soreness) also is questionable for Saturday. Scott said Vinny Testaverde is the No. 3 quarterback.

### UM players expressed no anger with pundits saying the result should be overturned. What does Corn Elder --- who scored the touchdown --- think when he hears that?

“We won the game,” he said. “I don’t listen to all that.”

### Defensive coordinator Mark D’Onofrio, asked about the questionable calls against UM on Duke’s final drive, asked a reporter what he thought of them.

He said he corrected some of the mistakes but “I’m not going to tell a kid he had a penalty when he didn’t have one.”

Said Kaaya: “People can say one play changed the game, but a lot of plays are made in a game.”

Of the school-record 23 penalties, Scott said: “There are some we have to eliminate. There were consequences today for those penalties. Offsides, those are intolerable.”

He said UM has responded by 1) teaching and 2) “holding players accountable. There are some things we have to be smarter with.”

Scott said he didn't know if the ACC had given UM a report on all 23 penalties and which were justified. The ACC says it reviews entire games but was short-sighted in only making public its review of the final play of the UM-Duke game.

### Scott said he asked his team last week: “When did football become a chore instead of a release?” He said against Duke, they had fun, “unleashed, let it rip.”

### Scott said defensive end Chad Thomas is questionable for Saturday. “He’s a little banged up.”

### Elder said he watched UM’s game-winning touchdown about 100 times over the past three days. 

What was he thinking as he raced toward the end zone? “Just stay up. My legs were giving out.”

He said when he got to the end zone, “I couldn’t even think.”

He said when players piled on him, “I couldn’t breathe. I was telling them to get off me.”

### First time Elder saw the play on tape?

On the plane flying back to Miami, on somebody’s cell phone. Players passed it around.

What did Elder think?

“Crazy. Unbelievable,” he said. “I’m still in shock. It seemed like it took hours.” Actually, the play took 46 seconds.

Elder said the play was shown in a special teams meeting and there was hooting and hollering.

“They saw it and it brought a lot of energy,” Scott said. “We scored, so the guys got pluses [in film review].”

### Asked if he has any desire to play on offense, Elder said cornerback “is the best thing longterm for me.”

He said he misses basketball but “going against quick point guards” has helped his change of direction and lateral quickness.

### Players had the proverbial pep in their step at Tuesday’s practice. Of the energy generated by Saturday’s result, Scott said: “Hopefully it will sustain for a long time. We want it to be natural. Everything has to be about moving forward.”

### D’Onofrio loved how Trent Harris played in his time at middle linebacker Saturday, giving UM a solid 1-2 punch of Harris and Juwon Young after Raphael Kirby’s season-ending injury.

### Fox Sports Sun agreed to carry Saturday’s UM-Virginia game statewide at 3 p.m.

### Twitter: @flasportsbuzz