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Highlights from Mark Richt's National Signing Day press conference

Here's what Mark Richt had to say at his just-completed press conference:

### On losing two and gaining four this week: “Recruiting is a relationship game. It’s a very big part of the process. It’s very common across the country – guys get flipped one way or the other. I don’t know if you can keep it from happening. Usually when a guy commits, it’s where recruiting starts, not where it ends.

“It’s an emotional time for a lot of families. By the end, they’re pretty frazzled. Historically, I’ve been the type of coach that doesn’t want to twist somebody’s arm or coerce a guy into committing on the spot. I want guys to really be sure. When you do it that way, you have less of that. There's always going to be good players you don't get.”

### On the three linebackers: “Three midyear enrollees at linebacker. Pretty good ball-players. People around the country were wanting these guys in their program. Give credit to the [former] coaches. All were committed or moving in the right direction. They’re runners, they’re strikers. They’re going to have a chance to compete. These young men will be on a level playing field when it comes to competition. They will be learning right along with the current players.”

### On the receivers added in this class:

Sam Bruce: “Very explosive when it comes to change of direction, quickness, toughness. Very well put together guy, very strong young man. Very good ball skills. A lot of people would say he’s more of a slot receiver. Can get on the edge as well with his speed.”…

Dionte Mullins “has tremendous speed and agility. He will get a little more polished with route running. When you talk about raw ability at the position, he’s what you are looking for.”

Ahmmon Richards “very smooth athlete. Looks effortless because of his athleticism. A guy that also will grow. Just a great talent base for that position. “

### On running back Travis Homer: “Very skilled back. He was the second guy I watched after Jack [Allison]. Had a big grin when I watched the tape. He was a guy I was thankful was already committed. Like most backs, great balance, vision, toughness. Has some good ball skills as a guy that can catch the ball out of the backfield.”

### With recruiting, “The first thing I did was I began to look at the young men committed by position. The first guy I watched was Jack Allison. Really enjoyed watching his tape. Very athletic for a guy that tall. Throws the ball extremely well. Very smart.”

### Richt said scholarship docking from the Nevin Shapiro scandal ends next year. “I think next year we are back to full speed ahead with our numbers.” UM had to relinquish nine scholarships as part of its sanctions.

### He said five scholarships receivers is not the number that he wants. Three more were added today and more will be added next year.

### On Palm Beach County, where UM landed four players: “It has gotten better and better. Palm Beach County is great. So is Dade, so is Broward. All but one in the state of Florida. The state of Florida is so crucial. Palm Beach County is near and dear to me because I was a Boca High Bobcat.”

### Richt said: “I give a lot of credit to the former staff. They did a wonderful job evaluating, recruiting…. The fact I had been a head coach 15 years was helpful. For me to have a vision of what I wanted everything to look like. I really only knew one way --- Bobby Bowden’s way.”

“I want him to be a good father, good husband, good citizen. I want him to be a leader. The big thing is these guys have got to understand we’re going to take care of them. It’s a Cane for life philosophy. That’s the philosophy I had at Georgia. We want this relationship to bless you for the rest of your life.”

### On three sons of alumni committing (Irvin, Bethel, James): Former players here love it. We will have an alumni event on the Friday prior to our spring game. Never hurts to have children of championship athletes.”

### He said coaching the offense again “is energizing. I’m really excited about that.” He credited the administration for getting him “things he needs. I have a true peace where God wants me to be. It’s tired but a good tired.” He said he has a “good vision” of what he wants the program to look like and what needs to happen for success.

### On the reception he got in South Florida high schools: “I can’t think of one high school I went into that wasn’t almost overwhelming in what they felt was going to happen at Miami. They felt everything they need is right here.”

### “We’re thankful for the young men that put their faith in this university, program and coaching staff. Very talented bunch. Everybody this time of year is going to say that but we truly believe we have guys that can help us win.”

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