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Technology Business Incubator in Boca expands

The Research Park at Florida Atlantic University recently expanded its Technology Business Incubator. The TBI, now about 40 percent larger, is home to 18 early-stage technology companies.

 There is space to accommodate up to eight more companies.

The new and larger space features a Student Innovation and Invention Lab designed for use by FAU student-based teams working on industry projects.  A kitchen and lounge area encourage casual and spontaneous interaction between residents and other Research Park tenants and FAU faculty.

 For the emerging company requiring advanced broadband capabilities, the space is wired with Gigabit Ethernet cabling and optic fiber and includes a server room with back-up battery power and a generator available to host resident company servers.

 “The Incubator provides a stimulating environment every day,” said Edwin Hernandez, owner, EGLA Corp.  “When like businesses work in close proximity of one another, you find a variety of mentors and a collection of bright minds to tap into and bounce off new ideas. It creates an exciting synergy.”

 The TBI is managed by the Enterprise Development Corp. of South Florida (EDC) a non-profit organization that assists emerging science and technology companies.