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4 most effective ways to use video to drive traffic to your site

My guest blogger today is C. Payne of Miami, CEO of Regal Spri Creative Group, who shares his four tips for using video to drive traffic to your website and business.

By C. Payne

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In the late 1990s and early 2000s when the Internet started heating up, a lot of experts got on their soapboxes and predicted that television would be slain by this new monster called the World Wide Web. Even today, these so called experts see the Internet as becoming the predominant form of “information receiving” and that TV will soon be a thing of the past. While online usage hasskyrocketed in the past few years, there’s one key characteristic of  television that keeps (and will continue to keep) grotesquely oversized flat-screens in the living rooms of nearly all Americans — video.

You see, TV talks to us, entertains us, and occasionally educates us…. And all we have to do is sit on our coach and consume the information. It’s so easy. For this reason, video will continue to be the #1 attention grabber for years and years to come. As for online video, there are some jaw-dropping statistics, including the fact that YouTube reported 4 billion DAILY global online video views in 2011. Therefore, it’s important that you ride the wave online and start producing videos for your business. Here are the top 4 most effective uses of online video to drive traffic:

1. Testimonials: Testimonials are the absolutely crucial if you’re interested in transforming your business and dramatically increasing sales conversions. A great way to use video is to record testimonials of your clients saying warm and fuzzy statements about your business, your products and your services. Preferably, the video would be face-to-face with customer, but you can also do it virtually using Skype and a nifty little add on called Pamela for Skype, which lets you record the audio and video of any Skype call. I use both and they’ve worked wonders for our company. Once you have the videos, plaster them prominently on your website, send out email blasts to your email distribution list, and post it all over your social networks. People will instinctively trust your company more when they see and hear how other customers found your product/service useful.

2. Interviews: This is a GOLD MINE! I’m really surprised that more businesses don’t do it. No matter what industry you’re in, there are literally hundreds of executives, experts and household names that have a wealth of knowledge on your subject matter. Why not conduct and record simple interviews with these folks to drive traffic to your website and social networks? You’ll probably have to send out quite a few requests for every interview landed, but if you approach it correctly, you may find yourself on a Skype call with some industry heavy-hitters. When people see that you’ve interviewed these big name individuals, they immediately become intrigued and associate a higher degree of credibility with your company. Again, you’ll need a quality camera, Skype and Pamela for Skype—a tool that let’s you record the audio and video of any Skype call.

3. How-To Videos: This should be pretty self-explanatory to most folks. The idea is to record videos that help your audience (customers, potential customers and referrers) solve common problems and overcome obstacles that relate to your industry. For instance, an accounting firm may do a tutorial on using Quickbooks Online (sidebar: If you’re still using Excel or a notepad to manage your business finances, do yourself a favor and get QuickBooks. It’s a.w.e.s.o.m.e.). Providing these valuable tips solidifies you as an expert in your industry and gives you a ton of exposure on networks like YouTube and Vimeo. If you’re interested in recording a video about how-to do something on a computer, your best bet is to use a screen-recording software such as QuickTime Player (free). It’s my software of choice.

4. Events: These opportunities don’t come around quite as much as the others, but when they do, it provides a very good source of content for your audience to consume. Consider recording pivotal moments at an industry tradeshow or even getting video at an awards
ceremony in which someone in your organization is recognized. Remember, this is just other way to keep your audience engaged and your brand at the top of their minds.

Each of these are great opportunities to keep all eyes on your brand. Don’t worry about creating a Hollywood blockbuster, just grab a decent camera and start recording. Once done, share your videos with the world by posting to YouTube or using EasyVideoPlayer. If you use this extremely powerful, low cost means of marketing, you’re sure to reap huge dividends!

Where to put the videos
Website, Youtube or EasyVideoPlayer, Facebook, Twitter, Email, Blog

Tool Kit
Pamela for Skype
HD Camera or Webcam
Computer screen-recording software such as QuickTime Player or Jing
Editing software such as iMovie or Camtasia

C. Payne is the CEO of Regal Spri Creative Group and author of the Millionaire Marketing Blog. He blogs about the authentic marketing strategies that he's using to build his online graphic design service, GraphicDesignWars.com, into a multi-million dollar business.