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View: 4 calls to action for the Miami tech community

By Tom Ordonez

Tom_OrdonezMiami is a contradiction. 

I spoke with some employers that said "there is no talent in South Florida." Non developers say there are no developers in South Florida. Developers say there are a lot of developers.

Here are 4 calls to action for the Miami and South Florida's tech community.

1. Synthetic collaboration of developers and non-developers.

Bringing an army of developers to an event is counterproductive if they don't collaborate with non developers.

Organic does not seem to be working too well. So let's do some synthetic collaboration. Let's make an effort to meet new people. Go to hackathons and discourage your friends to join you, instead join unknowns.

Next time you go to an event, hackathon or tech meetup. Don't hang out with your friends. Instead make your goal to meet at least 2 new people each week and offer them some help.

2. Build micro communities with events

Events bring people together to network, create teams and build products. Networks can promote products with the community. Communities buy products. Teams expand, creating jobs. Win-win.

Miami and South Florida cannot localize a tech hub in one place. Public transportation sucks. The train will never reach remote places. Carpooling doesn't work well. Traffic is so bad that commuters spend 1 to 3 hours in traffic. Not everybody lives in Coconut Grove, Brickell or Wynwood.

Instead let's build micro communities wherever people live, with meetups and mini-events. And let's help each other with bigger centralized events.

3. Digging out the dark matter developers and entrepreneurs

You go to a meetup and you bump into the usual suspects, entrepreneurs and developers.

Where are the developers, marketers and wannabe-entrepreneurs from American Airlines, Carnival Cruise, American Express, Amadeus, Publix, FPL, Fedex, Royal Caribbean, City of Miami, Terremark, MTV, LAN Chile, IBM, Bellsouth, etc...?

Richie Rump, organizer of the .NET meetup group, sent me a blog post that talks about "Dark Matter Developers" (google it). Developers that don't read blogs, don't write blogs, don't go to meetups, don't go to conferences.

Miami suffers from Dark Matter entrepreneurs and developers.

Please come out of your cave. Miami and South Florida need YOU!

4. Participate in your community

There are a lot of people in Miami and South Florida contributing to the tech community. There are meetups like Refresh, Ruby, Android, .NET, Lean Startup, LAB Miami and so many others.

My brother Carlos Ordonez and I are promoting a couple of events too:

**Code Retreat Miami 2012**

December 8, 2012: A software development workshop created by Corey Haines. It improves your coding skills by using Test Driven Development and pair programming. http://coderetreatmiami.eventbrite.com/

**App Awards**

Feb. 22, 2013: The App Awards celebrates web and mobile apps where the judge is you. The People’s Choice awards of apps. http://appawards2012.eventbrite.com/#


AppDojo is an idea-stage incubator/hackerspace, where entrepreneurs can find team members and get mentorship. http://www.appdojo.co/

Participate and go to events. Network. Meet new people. Offer help, mentorship, advising. Let's show the rest of the world that Miami and South Florida have the power to grow.

Tom Ordonez is a Managing Director of Creatus Angels and CEO of Aerostock.co in Miami.