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Young entrepreneur already making a difference

Jaretwithleanstartup6a00d83451b26169e2017617548f6d970c-320wiJared Kleinert, a South Florida entrepreneur I met recently at Lean Startup Machine Miami (he was on the winning team, pictured at right), plans to soon (early 2013) launch Synergist, a platform that will allow social entrepreneurs to meet potential co-founders online, collaborate and crowdfund their new projects. "The goal is to spark innovation and provide brilliant minds with everything they need to create magic: exceptional co-founders and partners, a place to build and store their work, and a way to get funding," he says. Jared just launched AliveNDead, a blog about risk-taking and uncertainty in entrepreneurship. He also interns for a San Francisco startup called 15Five, helping companies improve the way they communicate internally. In early 2013, he plans to participate in  The Intersection Event at Google's headquarters and the Uncollege Hackademic Camp, both in Silicon Valley.

His current passion is social entrepreneurship, and he says he wants to change the world. He has some time to rock that lofty goal. Jared is a 17-year-old  junior at Spanish River High School in Boca Raton.

IdeaMensch did a wide-ranging Q&A with him today. Read it here.