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#BattleHack #Miami 2013: And the winners are...


For PayPal's BattleHack Miami, the winners are:

Twilio Prize: YellowPepper

Sendgrid Prize: Redeemr

Nokia Prize: Voluntier$, an app with an innovation way to encourage volunteerism

Drumroll, please... 
For the main PayPal prizes:

3rd Place (below, left): MyPawPal, a crowd-funding app for pet shelters, by a team from Refresh Miami.

Judges said: Amazing implementation and app had a ton of value.  

2nd place (below, right): Redeemr, allowing you to call out a friend's bad action and ask him through social media to redeem himself -- by giving to charity, by a team from Nobox.  

Judges said: Who doesn't love a digital douche bag? Call out your friends and make them pay (for charity.) 

Win3 Win2

Win1And the winner is ... Representing Miami at the World Finals in Silicon Valley in Silicon Valley, where the team will compete with a new hack against nine other cities: YellowPepper, an app allowing small businesses to function like an ATMs for consumers, making it easy for consumers to get the money they need cheaply and safely, and helping small businesses by drawing more customers through their door and giving them a cut of the transaction fee.

Judges said: We see as a trend the cardless society, and this builds toward the idea that you don’t have to be bound by your card or your wallet. At the same time, this technology can help the community … empowering small businesses. The app uses amazing technology, and it focuses on a real problem in your city.

Judges were Ernie Hsiung, Alex de Carvalho, Danny Lafuente, Rey Bango, Scott Mott and Jonathan LeBlanc. 

See my Miami Herald story on Battle Hack here.

Posted 8/25/2013