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Miami in the house at TechCrunch Disrupt: EveryPost, Flights with Friends and AddressGate


By Pabla Ayala

Walking down TechCrunch Disrupt’s Startup Alley across the country in San Francisco, the odds of finding many Miami companies were slim, but low and behold we ran into some South Florida ex-pats and Miami startups.

IMG_9875Fernando Cuscuela, CEO and founder of EveryPost of Venture Hive, was at his booth and ready to pitch his app. EveryPost isn’t a new idea to the market, but they have identified a problem that the current competitors have yet to solve in a mobile first approach. With social media management tools currently available like Social Sprout and Hootsuite, what makes EveryPost different is the ability to format each message or post according to your audience. Fernando and his team understand that your audience on Twitter is different from your audience on Facebook, Instagram or Pinterest, etc. and should be treated as such. Cuscuela, originally from Argentina, explains, “We believe and we know different social networks have different audiences and different capabilities, and we allow you to customize the message for every single platform.” EveryPost is currently available for free in the Apple App Store and for Android on Google Play for personal accounts.

As we continued to make our way down Startup Alley we came across Kyle Killion, a South Beach expat who moved out to San Francisco in 2008. After he and the founding group of GeekSquad sold to Best Buy he made his way to South Beach where he spent the better part of his 20s. His current venture, Flight with Friends, makes planning trips in large groups easy by cutting out the annoying ‘reply all’ email chains that drive people crazy. “If you’re doing a bachelor or bachelorette party in Vegas you can go onto the site, invite all your friends and see the same flights and hotels at the best rates,” explains Killion. On the platform users can post activities or make plans, like going to a show or making reservations at a particular restaurant, and your travel buddies can go in and vote up or vote down that activity. “We call the person who starts the trip the hero, so the hero goes in and invites all the friends,” says Killion. “If you have 6 different people coming in from six different cities, we will show all those flight searches and all the hotels for everybody. You can see if they have been voting, booking, and their flight check-ins from your itinerary screen.” Flights with friends will essentially become the outlet where you can create a group travel itinerary in a democratic format, but as Killion warns sometimes the hero can quickly become the martyr, just depends on your travel group’s dynamics.

IMG_9911When we bumped into Jorge Miranda, cofounder and CTO of AddressGate he was eager to shout, “I’m from your neighborbood, I’m from Coral Gables!” Seems only right that he was eager to make a connection with his Miami neighbors, albeit thousands of miles from home, because he has created an entire startup out of the idea of getting to know and connecting entire neighborhoods. “We want to bring community back,” explains Jorge. “We want to bring back the notion of knowing your neighbors, who they are and connecting with them.” The platform asks you to input your address and with Foursquare, Meetup and Google Maps integration the platform shows you what is happening in your particular neighborhood. “If you want to meet a neighbor you can click on the house, click knock. We will send them a message through the platform and even send a physical postcard through the mail.” Jorge explains how you can use the platform to post news about your community, garage sales, special events, but more importantly it allows your community to become more involved and alert for suspicious activity by posting of neighborhood burglaries, lost and found pets or people. The platform is available for free online with 500 populated communities and growing in the short 3 weeks they have been live. Jorge is eager for all of Miami to “Get to know your neighbors.”

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Photos by Pabla Ayala.

Posted Sept. 10, 2013