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SocialTyer launches its crowdselling ecommerce website


After 11 months of concept refining and website development, social media startup SocialTyer (socialtyer.com) launched its crowdselling ecommerce website, perhaps appropriately, on Cyber Monday.

SocialTyer.com gathers a crowd around products that people love to sell, share and buy,” says Jonathan Gosper, who founded the bootstrapping company along with Girish Alwani, both recent University of Miami graduates.  

The site uses crowdselling to help entrepreneurs market and sell their products. The company, part of Venture Hive’s incubator, describes how consumers use the site this way:  “Through the SocialTyer website, social media users can take control of their experience with their favorite brands and sellers by carefully curating the products they find interesting and sharing them with their networks.  After sharing the products, the sharers, or ‘Tyers’ earn a commission on every sale generated through their unique links.”

According to leading Internet technology company comScore, there is a big market to mine. Shoppers spent $33.8 billion online during the 2012 November-December holiday season alone.

More and more retailers are expanding their ecommerce efforts to social media site. While companies have had some success selling products through Facebook and Twitter auctions, some have noted the tight controls over Facebook news feeds means their posts reach only a limited number of their followers. SocialTyer solves this problem, Gosper says, by allowing sellers to create their own stores on SocialTyer.com and offer their products for sale using an easy-to-navigate interface. Tyers can engage their Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest audiences through links on different social media sites and direct followers to a SocialTyer store for purchases.

Posted on Dec. 2, 2013