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Hispanicize founder to Miami Beach mayor: Tech hub is not fad or ‘dumb idea’ for the region

More response to Miami Beach Mayor Philip Levin's comments carried on the Washington Post WonkBlog and the mayor's response on Starting Gate.

By Manny Ruiz

Manny Shirt Photo 2 (Aug. 2012)

As one of the region’s most visible champions for creating a strong tech scene in South Florida and the organizer of an event that brings millions of dollars to the region, Hispanicize is flabbergasted that the mayor of one of the nation’s most prominent cities believes that technology, innovation, high paying jobs, economic strength, a better education system and higher tourism dollars amount to a ‘dumb idea’.

Every city in the world would be the envy of Miami Beach and South Florida if we were to fuse the beauty and weather of our precious region with the power, creativity, education and innovation of technology. How can being a ‘smarter place to live and work,’ possibly be “dumb?”

As a 44-year-old, lifelong South Floridian and former reporter I have never seen a local elected official go out of his way in this manner to nationally attack a movement that so positively moves us towards progress.

Today Hispanicize calls on all South Florida political, tourism and business leaders as well as Miami Beach’s own elected officials to stand with us and other tech leaders in decrying Mayor Levine’s remarks. Building a hub for technology in our region is critical to South Florida’s long-term growth, prosperity and tourism.

Manny Ruiz is the chairman of the annual Hispanicize event, the largest tech, social media and media in South Florida.  The Hispanicize platforms also include the Latina Mom Bloggers network, Hispanicize Wire, Being Latino, Hispanicize.com and the Hispanic PR Blog.