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View: Miami is near heavenly as a startup city

By Mario Cruz

Mario_CruzRumblings from Sand Hill Road say that the only money that matters is money from them. Sam Altman, president of Ycombinator, says Miami is not a startup city. It's the old guard protecting what they have, like the auto industry in the 80s. The reality is that San Francisco is in turmoil, battling a price and culture war* while the rest of the US is finding out that any city in this country can produce everything the valley can, except long-term investments on crazy ideas.

Miami isn't perfect, we don't pull our resources and money together to share risks and rewards on those long-term crazy ideas. We need state and local government support, rewarding startup and early-stage business investors with tax breaks and penalizing companies for leaving. These companies will create jobs and government revenue -- everyone benefits.

As technology continues to get cheaper, angels are enjoying a competitive advantage in funding very early-stage companies with the capital needs. A tech startup today needs a fraction of capital that needed 10-15 years ago.

Miami has the crazy ideas, talent and environment conducive to startups: arguably the best weather, lower cost of living than the valley**, and better access to Europe and South America.

This place is near heavenly, what we need are angels.

* (Kevin Rose issue over the weekend http://instagram.com/p/mdW5tsQRJv/ http://www.businessinsider.com/anarchist-protest-kevin-rose-digg-3-billion-2014-4?op=1 )

**Average 1 Bedroom Apartment in City Centre
SF     $2,578.40
Mia    $1,200.00

Mario Cruz is co-founder and CTO of Choose Digital. Follow him on Twitter @mariocruz.