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New KidoZen platform takes mobile operations management to the next level

KidoZen, the Miami-based enterprise mobile app platform pioneer, Tuesday announced the release of its Mobile Data Virtualization platform, an industry-first platform for virtualizing, managing and securing mobile business data at the data source level.

Mobile Data Virtualization is a leap forward in evolving enterprise mobile operations management strategies from simply managing devices and applications to effectively managing the business data consumed by mobile apps, the company said in its news release.

The KidoZen Mobile Data Virtualization platform creates a virtual representation for all the data required for consumption by enterprise mobile applications. It provides a virtual front-end to enterprises’ backend systems presented as a common Data Source Catalog. Enterprise system administrators use the Data Source Catalog as a concise listing of all data items available from their systems for use by mobile application developers.

Mobile Data Virtualization eliminates much of the complexity mobile app developers face by removing enterprise backend system knowledge from underlying mobile data access needs. Instead of directly invoking APIs, which require developers to know where data resides and the intricacies of each data source, mobile applications can now use a consistent API to query data from enterprise backend systems. Additionally, the KidoZen Mobile Data Virtualization platform helps IT professionals to securely virtualize, manage and monitor the enterprise data assets used by mobile applications.

“While data virtualization has become an important concept in the modern enterprise, KidoZen is the first to bring these important principles to the mobile world with our Mobile Data Virtualization platform,” said Jesus Rodriguez, co-founder and CEO of KidoZen.