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Awesome Foundation Miami makes impressive traction in short time

AwesomeFoundationSince it gave its first grant in January 2013, the Miami chapter of the Awesome Foundation has awarde $30,000 to local projects and ideas. The chapter is part of a global network that supports awesome projects by awarding monthly micro grants of $1,000.

Some of the projects have promoted local innovation and design, including an architecture competition for low-income housing (Design for Habitat), a self-propelled submarine for testing our city’s waterways (Sensor Hub), a pilot for a low-cost diagnostic test for blood and other liquids (Universal Diagnostic Platform), and a design charette for a sustainability center in Miami (Colony1). Other grants have focused on bridging opportunity gaps in our community, such as a summer surf camp for at-risk youth (Streetwaves), coding classes for minority children (Code Fever), a mobile library in Spanish, English, and Creole (Save our Stories), and a community farm for torture survivors seeking asylum in the United States (Dirt Therapy Farm).

“Our intention from the start was to become an approachable resource for anyone with an idea that affects Greater Miami – everyone from entrepreneurs, professionals, and creatives, to children and their parents, and on to organizations and established initiatives,” says Natalia Martinez, Co-Founder and Dean of the Awesome Foundation MIAMI, “What has surprised and humbled us have been comments from grant winners and applicants attesting that having this avenue to submit their ideas has made them feel like participants in the larger and evolving narrative of social innovation in our city.”

Grants are awarded monthly and applications can be submitted online by the 15th of every month. The application is also available in Spanish and Creole. Funding is awarded with no strings attached.

Awesome Foundation MIAMI welcomes support from individuals and organizations; it accepts contributions through The Miami Foundation.