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Banking on innovation: Fintech LATAM 2014 coming to Wynwood

FinTech - Logo 2Fintech LATAM 2014 kicks off in Wynwood on September 24, 2014, as an extension of and in collaboration with CELAES 2014, the FELABAN Conference on Bank Security organized by FIBA (Florida International Bankers Association) also in Miami. Fintech LATAM 2014 is a one-day conference exploring the industry-toppling, government-shifting and sector-disrupting power of technology poised to transform Latin America’s financial landscape.

“Miami has a unique opportunity to profit from a technology revolution that plays directly to its strength as Latin America’s financial capital,” said Ray Ruga, co-founder of CVOX Events LLC, the company behind the Fintech LATAM 2014 Conference, in partnership with FIBA and Nobox. “By creating a conference that introduces bankers – both local and Latin American – to ideas in a fresh, fast and dynamic fashion, we intend to help promote financial innovation and position Miami as the fintech hub of the Americas.”

From Bitcoin, to decentralized payment systems, to building a culture of innovation, the conference brings together fintech innovators, entrepreneurs and thought leaders from startups to global leaders, sharing their ideas and vision of the technology trends changing the way business and consumer access financial services throughout the Americas.

“Miami offers proximity to a huge base of financial institutions and positions the city to capitalize and reinforce its position as the financial capital for Latin America while leveraging its burgeoning technology ecosystem. This makes us a natural contender to be a world-leading capital, bringing new jobs and capital to Miami and helping to secure the long-term competitiveness us as the capital of Latin American finance, technology and innovation” said David Schwartz, CEO of FIBA.

A core mission of the conference is to inform and educate bankers and regulators on the innovative ideas, products and solutions driving change not only in the US, but throughout the world and how importing these to Latin America can help the region's financial system be more competitive, efficient and inclusive.

Since 2008, global investment in financial services technology ventures has tripled to nearly $3 billion. The dramatic changes underway in financial services driven by new digital technology, regulations, consumer behavior and the need to reduce costs, mean this trend is set to continue, with global investment on track to grow to up to $8 billion by 2018.

The conference will be at the Light Box in Wynwood. For more information, visit: www.fintechlatam.com.

- Submitted by CVOX

Posted Aug. 19, 2014