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Tech workers venture off to form VSN Mobil

By Marcia Heroux Pounds, Sun Sentinel

A group of former product designers from Motorola, Foxconn, Samsung and General Dynamics have set up shop to develop new, innovative products. VSN Mobil actually launched in 2013 but it is rolling out its first products this summer. They include V Alert, a personal emergency alert device, and a 360-degree camera, to be introduced in October. “We diversify risk that way,” said Julio Abdala, vice president of engineering, about the company’s product choices.

After working locally for Motorola and Foxconn, Abdala got his longtime friends together, and they decided to launch a company. The VSN Mobil team selected Peter Aloumanis, also a former ex-Motorola executive, as their CEO.

VSN Mobil’s 30 staff members collectively share more than 300 patents with their former employers. And they’ve started to snag many for VSN Mobil, on its software, optics, designs and battery life. The company has initial funding of $14 million with one major investor: Singapore-based Sai Kiang Soh, also known as Philip Soh, co-founder of Artivision Technologies.

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