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December 26, 2014

Awesome Foundation monthly grant goes to creative 9th grader


Awesome Foundation's Miami chapter awarded its latest monthly $1,000 grant to a 9th grader, proving you are never too young to have a good idea and launch it.

Sunny The (3D) Bear is a new children's book series authored by Ransom Everglades student Daniel Freedline. The books, in English and Spanish, are designed to be quick, bedtime stories read by parents to their children, ages 3-7. The books, which also include coloring books, can be downloaded via the website.

The website also has a large and growing gallery of 3D scans (characters and scenery from each book), allowing kids to play with these objects on their computer or tablet. The 3D files are downloadable and can be printed, allowing kids to create their own toys.

The first volume is freely downloadable at www.SunnyTheBear.com. Additional volumes are available at 99 cents each, which includes not only the PDF of the book, but a separate PDF of the coloring book version. More volumes are already planned.

The deadline to apply for one of Awesome's monthly grants is the 15th of every month. The Miami chapter launched in January 2013 and is  looking to fund awesome projects that touch everything from technology to education, art to social media, innovation and far-out creativity. Find out more here.

 Posted Dec. 26, 2014