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New South Florida cleantech investment firm plans to launch fund

A new early-stage investment firm in the cleantech sector and based in Broward County, Power Generations, has launched a new website and welcomes cleantech entrepreneurs seeking funding as well as individuals and organizations with an interest in investing as a limited partner. Upcoming additions to the site include a blog.

Cleantech encompasses energy storage, wind power, solar power, hydrogen power, biofuels, efficiency, carbon sequestration and emissions control, enhanced agricultural practices, efficient water processing, green transportation, advanced materials and equipment innovation, and more, and growth in cleantech is driven by opportunity and necessity, the firm said. Although it is a sector avoided by some in the venture community, in 2012, venture capital firms invested an estimated $6.4 billion in cleantech accounting for nearly 25 percent of the $26 billion invested by venture capitalists, Power Generations said.

“As residents of the sunshine state, we see an enormous potential for renewable energy advances and growth through smart investments. My goal is to combine my past decades of experience in the energy and water efficiency industry working with utility companies, with my passion for a cleaner future to partner with entrepreneurs who can make real, tangible changes and improvements,” said Paul Cutler, president and managing director of Power Generations,

The firm’s initial investments will be made with private funding by the management team, with plans to launch a fund open to outside investors in the second half of 2015, the company said.

Posted Dec. 8, 2014