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Chris Bosh now an investor in a Miami startup


Photo of startup judges, including Chris Bosh, by Charles Trainor Jr.

What does Miami Heat star Chris Bosh think about Miami's tech community?

"It's very cool," said  Bosh, who was a judge in eMerge Americas'  late-stage startup competition. "I can't say I knew how many startups were here but I have a good sense of it now. There are not only so many here but they are thriving."

In remarks before the competition, Bosh said he was not yet an investor in any Miami tech companies -- but he is now. For the first time, all the judges agreed to invest their own money in the winners. Bosh will now have a stake in VSN Mobile, a Fort Lauderdale company that has developed a technology that provides 360-degree images. Think go-pro but all the way around you, with applications not only for outdoor sports but for security, video conferences or use with drones.

Bosh is no stranger to tech; he is passionate about coding education for kids, and he has been involved in code.org. "Coding is so important," he said. "These are the jobs of the future... We need people to fill the jobs and we shouldn't need to outsource talent, especially with so many bright young minds to be the talent of the future."

And as an investor, what tech does Bosh fancy? Wearable technologies, particularly in clothing. Think about all the data the technology embedded in a shirt can provide after a workout, for instance. "You can get information on what your body is really doing. Athletes are always trying to perform at 100 percent."

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