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eMerge Americas: Martine Rothblatt looks into future of healthcare


Martine Rothblatt, founder of Sirius Satellite Radio and biotechnology company United Therapeutics, transported the audience to the future of healthcare with her keynote address, covering topics as obscure as pig organ transplants. 

Rothblatt said the end of the decade will see a strong step toward creating an unlimited supply of transplantable organs.

"We now are in a partnership with several companies to develop a genetically modified pig whose lungs will not be rejected when they are transplanted into the human body," Rothblatt said. 

She said she expects her company, with the added push of competition from other companies studying similar transplant opportunities, will be able to transplant a genetically modified pig lung into a human body by the end of the decade.

And after pig lungs, what's next? Stem cells, Rothblatt said. 

2030 will see the use of stem cells to create organs such as hearts and livers, saving lives and billions of dollars annually in hospital bills.

-        Chabeli Herrera