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New technology to save you from gym stress

By Isaac Imaka / [email protected]
Miami Beach: You no longer have to spend an hour on a treadmill or ride a gym bicycle to keep your bones in good health.
Juvent Health's  new technology offered by OrthoNow can help you achieve that and more in 20 minutes or less without cutting a sweat,  the technology’s marketeers said at the ongoing eMerge Americas technology conference.
According to Eric Rylander, OrthoNow’s vice president in charge of franchise management, the technology is a micro-impact platform that gives the body the impact it needs to generate the cells and other therapeutic body processes. 
“As we get older we tend to become less active than we were in young age and then we miss the impact that reinvigorates the bone marrow because we are always either seated in our offices or driving our cars,” Rylander said. 
He further explained that, “What the Juvent does is to reinvent your body by sending thousands of low magnitude gentle pulses we call waves of relief through it to give the bones the impact they do not get because of our lifestyles.”
Mike Rada, Juvent field agent  added,  “You just need twenty minutes. You can stand on it as you take coffee. The bones will begin to feel and regulate cells and connect to tissues. Sportsmen use it to relax their bodies before they go in for strenuous exercises.”
According to Rada, the  Juvent health technology has been in the making for over 15 years and finally came out just last year. 
The man who designed and developed the technology, Rada says, died right after finalizing it and it never got marketed until two years ago when Peter Simonson bought the rights and resumed manufacturing and marketing it.
“There are already other 50 such machines (produced before the Juvent) but what sets this particular one apart is its precision,” he said. 
He added, “Even if you are 200 pounds or a kid, it calibrates precisely each time you step on it." 
Juvent Health partnered up with OrthoNow 30 days ago, and the product sells for $3,500 a piece.
“We search our relevant technologies and test them before bringing them to the market. We are now putting plans in motion to offer (the service) throughout the franchise system,” Rylander said. 
OrthoNow describes itself as the country's only urgent care franchise which focuses on the treatment of a range of orthopedic and sports injuries on a walk-in basis.
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