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VIDEO: Jessica Kizorek's series TechVersify to debut Thursday on WPBT2


As billions of people interact with digital technologies every single day, many struggle to balance real life obligations with the increasing demands of constant connectivity. TechVersify, a new online original series from WPBT2/PBS and Two Parrot Productions, premiering on WPBT2’s uVu Network on September 17th, aims to educate viewers in the art of using technology for maximum personal and professional benefit.

Following the debut of the first episode on Sept. 17, a new episode will be released each week on WPBT2’s uVu Network for Community Filmmakers (www.youtube.com/uVuNetwork). Each episode will also be available across WPBT2’s various digital channels and apps, including Apple TV, Roku and Fire TV.

“Miami makes the perfect epicenter for the TechVersify plot because it’s the melting pot of so many diverse perspectives. However, it was equally important to travel outside Miami to cities like Austin, Texas; Tokyo, Japan; and Kathmandu, Nepal,” says Creator/Producer Jessica Kizorek. “Tech is impacting lives everywhere, so we had to put the conversation in a global context.”

TechVersify explores this new landscape by telling stories about the psychological impact of the digital age through diverse human characters. Women, minorities and members of the LGBT community are the stars of the series. The show is hosted by Kizorek with expert analysis from psychiatrist Eva Ritvo, M.D. “TechVersify” illuminates what’s going on inside our brains and how technology can have both good and bad effects on our lives. Rather than being a slave to our gadgets, “TechVersify” postulates, we should aim to leverage technology to make ourselves happier and healthier.

South Florida is home to a celebrated intersection of diversity, technology, entrepreneurship and the arts. The expression of diverse perspectives is part of our community identity,” said Max Duke, VP of Content & Community Partnerships for WPBT2. “We are excited to be working with Jessica Kizorek and Two Parrot Productions to provide a vehicle for that expression, and to explore technology from a completely new perspective.”

Funding for the series, TechVersify, was provided by Gulliver Schools and the Center for Social Change.

- submitted by WPBT