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A few highlights of Miami Techweek

In addition to UberPitch, here are some other highlights of Miami Techweek.

Hatch Match: An event where investors swarm to Miami and entrepreneurs essentially “speed date” to network and stimulate action with 400+ investor meetings in one evening. For more info: click here.

Techweek’s 1st Annual LAUNCH National Competition: Regional winners of LAUNCH will come together in Miami to compete for 50K in prizes on Thursday 12/10. The six regional winners competing are as follows: Find Mine (New York City), Slope (Detroit), Video Fizz (Kansas City), Apollo Medical Devices (Chicago), Pick My Solar (Los Angeles) and the winner of the Miami LAUNCH Regional Competition which takes place on Wednesday 12/9. The startups will make their pitch and then there will be a Q/A session with independent judges on 12/10. The pitch typically covers: company overview, target market and size, industry trends, financial model, competitive advantage, customer pipeline and whats next for the company. 

Miami Regional LAUNCH Competition: Wednesday 12/9. Companies competing in Miami Regionals:

 - PRX Control Solutions - Alfredo Vaamonde - http://www.prxcontrolsolutions.com/

- Referrizer - Andre Cvijovic - http://business.referrizer.com/

- iLoveVideo - Andrea Macario - http://us.ilovevideo.tv/

- Waleteros - Etienne Gillard - http://waleteros.com/?lang=en

- Weebeelife - Lucas Funes - http://webeelife.com/

- Snow Lizard - Steve Calle - http://www.snowlizardproducts.com/

- Rawshorts - Antonio Otalvaro - http://www.rawshorts.com/

- Snapscore - Newton Porter - https://www.snapscore.me/

- Crewhu - Stephen Spiegel - http://www.crewhu.com/

 To see the full Techweek Miami Festival, please click here.

-- Submitted by Miami Techweek